Canon Unveils RF-S3.9mm f/3.5 STM Dual Fisheye: Affordable VR Content Creation for APS-C Cameras

Canon has announced the launch of the RF-S3.9mm f/3.5 STM Dual Fisheye lens, designed to make virtual reality (VR) capabilities more accessible to users. This small, lightweight, and autofocus-capable lens is Canon’s second dual fisheye offering, specifically built for APS-C cameras, and is currently compatible with the EOS R7. The RF-S3.9mm f/3.5 STM aims to streamline the workflow for high-resolution 3D VR photos and videos, thereby lowering the barriers to VR content creation.

VR offers an immersive and engaging way to experience content. Unlike traditional 2D images or videos, VR allows viewers to explore the scene from different angles, enhancing digital storytelling, documentation, and creative expression.

Conveniently Create 4K VR Movies
Similar to the RF5.2mm f/2.8L Dual Fisheye, the RF-S3.9mm f/3.5 STM Dual Fisheye features two fisheye lenses positioned at a distance from each other, allowing the capture of two images with parallax simultaneously on a single image sensor.

This configuration yields a 144° angle of view, which can be converted into 180° 3D VR movies using the EOS VR Utility software or the EOS VR Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro. This process eliminates the need for setting up, synchronizing, and stitching images from multiple cameras, making high-quality VR content creation more accessible and affordable.

The RF-S3.9mm f/3.5 STM Dual Fisheye is Canon’s first dual fisheye lens to support autofocusing (AF). It features a dual-lens STM mechanism that drives both the left and right lenses in unison, providing swift and precise AF with simple operations similar to an ordinary RF lens. Fine adjustments of the left-right focus difference can be easily made using the electronic focusing/control ring and a focus difference adjustment mode switch.

Additionally, users can control the location of the AF frame using the EOS Utility or Camera Connect apps, enhancing ease of operation when shooting from unique angles and locations where it is challenging for the operator to be right behind the camera.

Excellent Image Quality Even in Backlight
The RF-S3.9mm f/3.5 STM Dual Fisheye is the first non-L lens to feature anti-reflective ASC (Air Sphere Coating), ensuring clean and clear images with minimal ghosting and flaring, even with strong light sources in the frame.

On the EOS R7, the lens achieves the same high pixel density (number of pixels per 1º angle of view) as the RF5.2mm f/2.8L Dual Fisheye on the EOS R5 during 4K recording, providing corner-to-corner high definition.

Pricing and Availability
The RF-S3.9mm f/3.5 STM Dual Fisheye will be available at Canon authorized dealers at a recommended retail price of $1789 by the end of June.