Apple’s iPadOS 18 Elevates iPad Capabilities with New Intelligence Features and Apps

iPadOS 18 integrates Apple Intelligence, a personal intelligence system for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that combines generative models with personal context to deliver incredibly useful and relevant insights.

This system, built with privacy in mind, simplifies and accelerates everyday tasks by understanding and creating language and images, taking action across apps, and drawing from personal context.

Key Features of iPadOS 18:

Calculator with Math Notes: The new Calculator app allows users to type or write out mathematical expressions and see them instantly solved in their handwriting.

It includes a graphing feature and the ability to assign values to variables. Math Notes are automatically accessible in the Notes app.

Smart Script in Notes: This feature makes handwritten notes more fluid and flexible, smoothing and straightening handwritten text in real-time while maintaining the look and feel of personal handwriting.

Users can easily edit handwritten text, add space, or paste typed text, with paragraphs automatically reflowing to fit new content.

Enhanced Customisation: iPadOS 18 offers new ways to customise the Home Screen and Control Centre. App icons and widgets can be placed in any open position on the Home Screen and customised to appear light, dark, or with a tint.

Control Centre now provides quicker access to frequently used controls and supports third-party app integration.

Redesigned Photos App: The Photos app features a major redesign, automatically organising libraries and introducing new collections for easier browsing.

A new carousel view presents daily highlights, and users can customise the app to include their most important collections.

Messages Enhancements: Messages now support text formatting options like bold, underline, and italics, along with animated text effects. Users can schedule messages to be sent at a later time, ensuring better control over communication.

iPadOS 18 takes full advantage of the power of Apple silicon and the Neural Engine, making the iPad even more versatile and intelligent. With these new features, Apple continues to enhance the iPad experience, offering users more ways to personalise their devices and improve their productivity.

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