Samsung Revolutionizes Virtual Content Creation with ‘The Wall for Virtual Production’ Showcase in Singapore

Samsung Electronics Singapore has set a new benchmark for virtual content creation in Southeast Asia and Oceania with the introduction of ‘The Wall for Virtual Production’ (IVC series) at a showcase event in Singapore. The event, held at Infinite Studios, highlighted Samsung’s commitment to advancing the future of virtual production with cutting-edge technology and collaboration with industry leaders like Aux Media, Aputure, BytePlus, Pixotope, and RED.

A New Era of Virtual Production
Samsung’s showcase featured real-time virtual production capabilities powered by its state-of-the-art visual display technology. The event demonstrated the unprecedented quality and versatility of The Wall for Virtual Production, impressing attendees with lifelike visuals and advanced production features.

“Samsung is delighted to work with leading virtual production partners to showcase The Wall for Virtual Production (IVC series) for the first time in the Southeast Asia and Oceania region. Delivering the ultimate picture quality with lifelike detail and a wide range of shades for virtual content creation, the IVC series will unlock unlimited possibilities for filmmakers, production houses, and content creators while making the content creation process easier, faster, and more cost-effective,” said Jacus Long, Head of Display Business, Samsung Electronics Singapore.

Cutting-Edge Visual Display Technology
The Wall for Virtual Production harnesses Samsung’s leading visual display technology to deliver powerful production capabilities that extend reality. Featuring ultra-large LED walls integrated with real-time visual effects technology, the IVC series significantly reduces the time and cost associated with content production. The new IVC models, IV016C and IV021C, offer a pixel pitch of P1.68 and P2.1 respectively, a refresh rate of up to 12,288Hz, and 1,500 nits max brightness, ensuring high-quality visuals for virtual content creation.

The IVC series also includes an ultra-low reflection LED surface, enhancing production quality by adding lifelike textures, volume, and shades to virtual environments. An improved cabinet structure with a 4:9 ratio and a curvature range up to 5,800R creates a more realistic field of view, while updated genlock and phase offset features ensure picture-perfect synchronization between the camera and screen.

To maintain colour accuracy and consistency, the IVC series incorporates 3D lookup tables (LUTs) for colour correction, wide-gamut HDR colour processing, and colour adjustment between individual cabinets or modules. The integrated Virtual Production Management (VPM) software simplifies screen management and ensures high-quality pictures in a virtual production environment, detecting and resolving potential LED-related issues.

Designed with sustainability in mind, the IVC series boasts an LED lifetime of 150,000 hours, amplifying efficiency and performance for virtual production. It can be hung or stacked with other screens, is protected against dust and particles, and is suitable for various studio environments, making it the ideal choice for immersive content production.

Preferred Choice for Leading Studios and Institutions
The Wall for Virtual Production has already been adopted by leading production studios and educational institutions in Asia. Notably, Korean entertainment company CJ ENM has utilized The Wall for Virtual Production on the set of Queen of Tears. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage here.

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