5 Intermediate Tips for Palworld (Part 2): Conquering the Mid-Stages of Palworld

1. Adapting to Slower Leveling
In the advanced stages, levelling up is a more deliberate and strategic process. Focus on gearing up and choosing the best Pals for your base and combat team.

Shifting your approach from rapid levelling to enhancing your equipment and Pal team’s capabilities will be crucial for facing tougher challenges.

2. Maximizing Combat Efficiency with Daedreams
One effective strategy for combat involves utilizing Daedreams extensively. Crafting the Daedream Collar at level 8 enables these Pals to engage in combat without sustaining damage.


This setup not only speeds up your combat progression but also makes boss battles significantly more manageable.

3. Choosing Versatile Pals for Your Base
For your base operations, consider integrating Cattivas, especially if you are still building up your capabilities.

Cattivas are known for their versatility, making them invaluable as you develop and expand your base. Their adaptability ensures they can handle various tasks, enhancing overall productivity.

4. Being Selective with Gear and Items
As you advance, it becomes essential to be selective about the items you invest in. Skip items that may seem immediately useful but are less effective compared to technologies unlocked at higher levels.

Some items to consider skipping include the Wooden Gate, Lifmunk’s Submachine Gun, and various decorative or less functional sets like the Houseplant Set and Meat Cleaver.

5. Utilizing Chillet and Mega Spheres for Strategic Combat
A strategic combination for your party includes the elusive Chillet and several Mega Spheres. After acquiring Mega Spheres, focus on capturing Chillet—be careful not to defeat it, as it respawns after an hour.

The Chillet’s freezing ability, combined with the robust defence of Daydreams, prepares you for tackling major challenges like the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate.

By following these tips, you will be well-equipped to face the complexities of advanced gameplay in Palworld. Gear up, strategize effectively, and prepare to conquer the challenging adventures that await you!