NOMOS Glashütte Launches Club Campus in Bold New Colours: A Timepiece With a Message

Timekeeping takes on a vibrant new dimension with the introduction of the latest Club Campus models by NOMOS Glashütte. Recognized as the perfect entry-level model for the exquisite world of fine mechanical watches, the Club Campus now dazzles in two new dynamic colours: nonstop red and endless blue. This expansion not only signifies a bold step in watch design but also reinforces the timepiece’s position as the ideal gift for celebrating key life milestones.

Designed to embody courage and tranquillity, the Club Campus series offers ample opportunity for personalization, with the stainless steel back of each watch purposefully left blank for engravings. For those seeking an extra touch of personalization, a version featuring a sapphire crystal back is also available, allowing for smaller, more intimate engravings.

A Palette of Dynamic Colours and Sustainable Elegance
The Club Campus stands out not just for its colour but also for its construction and design details. Available in case diameters of 36 and 38.5 millimetres, these watches cater to a wide array of wrist sizes. Their screw-down back ensures water resistance up to 10 atm, and each piece is finished with a high-quality strap made from vegan velour, reflecting a modern, sustainable choice.

The dial, a playful mix of Roman and Arabic numerals, makes a strong statement that is a hallmark of the Club Campus series. The detailing is exquisite, with hour markers and numerals outlined in contrasting colours: light blue against nonstop red and violet against endless blue.

The minute numerals offer another layer of distinction in light blue on nonstop red and mint green on endless blue, while the second hand in neon orange adds a striking pop of colour.

Precision and Heritage in Every Tick
At the heart of each Club Campus model beats the hand-wound Alpha caliber, a classic NOMOS movement known for its high precision, finely adjusted in six positions. This movement is emblematic of Glashütte’s protected watchmaking heritage, featuring the DUW regulation system, tempered blue screws, and traditional finishes such as the Glashütte sunburst and ribbing.

The NOMOS Glashütte Club Campus series is a statement of individuality and a nod to the rich heritage of watchmaking.

The nonstop red and endless blue models are priced at SGD 2,290 for the 36mm version and SGD 2,460 for the 38.5mm version, making them accessible masterpieces of craftsmanship and style, perfect for marking significant moments in life.