SHARP Celebrates 111 Years: Unveiling Next-Gen Consumer Electronics in Singapore

SHARP Corporation, renowned for its trailblazing advancements in consumer electronics and appliances, is elated to mark its 111th year by debuting an event in Singapore. This precedes SHARP’s inaugural standalone tech showcase, “SHARP Tech-Day”, scheduled from 10th to 12th November 2023 in Tokyo.

Embracing the motto “Be a Game Changer”, SHARP is poised to roll out groundbreaking technologies and avant-garde solutions to amplify user experiences. Their vision is to be recognized as a brand that remains at the forefront of societal needs, continually offering novel solutions. The 111th-year celebration is a testimony to SHARP’s unwavering dedication to innovation, premium quality, and ecological conservation.

The event is set to showcase SHARP’s newest inventions, curated to redefine our interaction with technology. Highlighted products include:

Pure Fit Air Purifier (FX-S120E-H)

SHARP’s avant-garde air purifier merges advanced filtration techniques with a refined aesthetic. It ensures ambient air quality, positioning itself as a quintessential home appliance. Harnessing SHARP’s Plasmacluster technology, this purifier combats pollutants, allergens, and pathogens, safeguarding air quality. It’s apt for spaces up to 84 square meters and boasts a design that seamlessly integrates into any interior décor. Among its notable features are a multi-layered filtration system, intelligent sensors, Auto Restart, Child Lock, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Heat Pump Dryer (9KG – KD-HT9JP-G, 10KG – KD-HT10JP-G)

Sharp’s innovative dryer offers unparalleled efficiency in fabric care. Its energy-saving design coupled with a suite of features aims to elevate daily laundry tasks. Prioritizing safety, it incorporates child safety locks and overheating prevention. For unparalleled convenience, the dryer offers a space-efficient design, anti-wrinkle functionality, custom drying options, and auto-drying. It is equipped with 10 pre-set programs to cater to diverse laundry needs.

2 in 1 Cordless Handstick Vacuum (EC-SA95S)

SHARP’s adaptable cordless handstick vacuum is an indispensable ally in household cleaning. Boasting robust suction and a feather-light build, it deftly handles dirt across various surfaces. The vacuum offers dual functionality, allowing vacuuming and mopping. It includes versatile brush attachments and a hassle-free dust bin that ensures effortless maintenance and dirt disposal.

The SHARP 111th anniversary launch event is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.

This milestone occasion is graced by distinguished guests of honour from SHARP Japan, including Mr Tamura Tomoki, BU Vice President – Global Business and General Manager, Head of Global Kitchen Appliance Business Unit, Smart Appliances & Solution BU, Mr Yoshida Hiroyuki, General Manager, Global TV Business Unit, TV System BU, Mr Jun Kasawaki, Division Manager, Asia Marketing Center, Smart Business Solution BU and Ms Manami Takeda, General Manager, International Sales & Marketing Division, SNDS BU.

At the launch, SHARP Singapore also announced its official distribution of the SHARP NEC products to the entire Asia region, this is a significant milestone for SHARP Singapore.