Indulge in premium audio with Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e

Bowers & Wilkins, the prestigious British premium audio brand, has introduced the Px7 S2e, an evolved iteration of its acclaimed wireless headphones with active noise cancellation.

Bowers & Wilkins has earned a stellar reputation for crafting headphones that faithfully reproduce the most intricate, authentic, and immersive sound imaginable, capturing the True Sound envisioned by the artists themselves. The new Px7 S2e represents the latest addition to the brand’s highly successful lineup of premium, performance-oriented headphones, all designed with the True Sound philosophy at their core.

Enhanced Sound Quality at Its Core

The foundation of the Px7 S2e’s exceptional sound quality lies in a significantly upgraded DSP (Digital Signal Processing) engine meticulously fine-tuned by Bowers & Wilkins. This enhancement ensures outstanding performance across a wide range of music, including 24-bit high-resolution audio from compatible streaming services. Furthermore, the revamped DSP has empowered Bowers & Wilkins engineers to recalibrate the acoustic platform of the Px7 S2e, resulting in unparalleled detail, dynamic range, and spatial depth.

The Px7 S2e retains its custom-designed 40mm drivers, purpose-built for headphone listening. These drivers offer lightning-fast response times, faithfully capturing every subtlety within the music, all while maintaining incredibly low distortion for a more precise audio presentation. Moreover, the drivers are thoughtfully angled within each earcup to ensure consistent proximity to the listener’s ears, delivering a natural and immersive soundstage from every vantage point.

The Px7 S2e marries its potent upgraded DSP and high-performance driver configuration with Qualcomm’s aptXTM Adaptive wireless technology, automatically optimizing wireless music transmission from compatible smartphones, tablets, and computers. Additionally, it supports USB-C and 3.5mm cable connections, both of which are conveniently included in the accompanying carry case.

Product Availabilities 

The Px7 S2e has 4 colours – Anthracite Black, Ocean Blue, Cloud Grey and Forest Green and will retail for £379 / €429 / $399 at