Elevated Lenovo’s Gaming Lineups with new AI Chip

Lenovo has just launched its latest 2023 gaming laptop lineup, featuring new and improved technologies. The highlight of this lineup is the world’s first dedicated AI-powered chips in gaming laptops, which fuel the Lenovo AI Engine+. This machine-learning software optimizes system settings to provide gamers with the best gaming experience and performance.

This new lineup complements the powerful Lenovo Legion Pro Series launched earlier this year and includes the refreshed Lenovo Legion Slim Series, powered by Intel® Core(TM) i5/i7™ processors, which empowers users to push their gaming goals and deliver high-performance computing tasks. The Lenovo Legion Slim Series includes the 16-inch Lenovo Legion Slim 7i, and the 16-inch Lenovo Legion Slim 5i.

Furthermore, Lenovo has introduced a brand-new sub-brand called Lenovo LOQ (pronounced “lock”), designed to enable new gamers to start their gaming journeys on a strong note. Lenovo LOQ includes 16-inch Lenovo LOQ laptops (16IRH8), 15-inch Lenovo LOQ laptops (15IRH8), and Lenovo LOQ Tower 17IRB8, a desktop PC.

“From the Lenovo Legion Series to the new LOQ Series, we aim to empower both gamers and power users with the flexibility to choose the right device for their gaming performance and lifestyle,” said Peter Yeung, Executive Director and General Manager, Consumer Business of Lenovo Asia Pacific. “The highlight of our new lineup – all Lenovo gaming laptops now come with an AI-powered chip that analyzes usage habits and optimizes the entire system performance, giving users the ultimate edge.”

World’s First Dedicated AI Chip on Gaming Laptops

In January 2023, Lenovo launched the world’s first AI chip dedicated to gaming laptops – the Lenovo Artificial Intelligence (LA) AI chip. Its purpose is to tackle the challenge that gamers face in maintaining consistent and optimal system performance while playing demanding games. The chip is responsible for powering the Lenovo AI Engine+, which uses a machine learning algorithm to monitor in-game framerates and optimize system performance. This results in a smarter and more efficient system across all games, allowing gamers to focus on their gameplay experience without having to manually adjust the settings.

The Lenovo AI Engine+ runs a scenario-detection algorithm on the hardware engine, which allocates wattage between the CPU and GPU to optimize performance and minimize fan noise when in gaming mode. This leads to a more adaptive system that can increase frames per second (FPS) in games. With up to 15% higher TDP, the combination of the Lenovo AI Engine+ and LA AI chip allows the new Lenovo gaming laptops to deliver higher performance than previous generations.

Users can fine-tune the LA AI chip settings through Lenovo Vantage, giving them full control over customization and adjustments, including overclocking controls, AI performance tuning, and a real-time performance dashboard.

Built for Power and Performance: Lenovo Legion Pro Series

The Lenovo Legion Pro 7i and 5i, powered by Intel® Core(TM) i5/i7™ processors, are cutting-edge 16-inch gaming laptops that are tailored to the needs of competitive gamers seeking an exhilarating gaming experience. The Pro 7i, the most powerful laptop in its class, features all-metal top and bottom covers and is available in Onyx Greyii. The Pro 5i strikes a balance between computing power, portability, and affordability and features a metal top cover and a polymer bottom cover, also available in Onyx Greyii. Both models offer interchangeable WASD keycaps and the Legion Spectrum RGB lighting software, which enables keyboard backlights to synchronize with on-screen content.

To ensure that gaming sessions remain quiet and cool, both models incorporate Lenovo Legion’s ColdFront 5.0 technology, which employs a dual fan system, massive exhaust and intake systems, a phase-change thermal compound, and advanced hybrid heat pipes. In addition, the Lenovo LA AI chip constantly monitors the CPU and GPU loads, enabling the distribution of cold air and the expulsion of heat, resulting in a total system TDP of up to 240W.

Designed for Agility and Portability: Lenovo Legion Slim Series

The Lenovo Legion Slim 7i, powered by Intel® Core (TM) i5/i7™ processors, of the latest 8th gen, has been tailored for gamers and power users who require a laptop that can effortlessly run AAA games while also being flexible enough to handle other tasks like content creation, streaming, or work computing. The Legion Slim 7i/7, with a 99.99Whr battery that’s the biggest allowed in most aeroplanes, provides uninterrupted work for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

The Lenovo Legion Slim 7i is equipped with a full-sized Lenovo Legion TrueStrike keyboard, including a full number pad, large arrow keys, and 1.5mm key travel, allowing for smooth typing over extended sessions. The keyboard also has a white backlight option for users looking for a more subtle appearance. The Lenovo Legion Slim 7i is housed in a slim, all-metal chassis that is as thin as 17.99mm at its thinnest point, available in Storm Grey or Glacier White, and weighing less than 2kg (4.4lbs), making it the most nimble Lenovo Legion Slim laptops ever.

The Lenovo Legion Slim 5i, powered by Intel® Core(TM) i5/i7™ processors, is the world’s most portable 16-inch AI-Tuned gaming laptop, setting a new standard in portability. The Lenovo Legion Slim 5i comes in a 16-inch version.

Similar to the Legion Pro Series, the Lenovo Legion Slim Series is built to stay cool even under heavy loads with Lenovo Legion’s ColdFront 5.0. The Slim Series’ advanced thermal system features quad copper hybrid heat pipes, phase-change thermal compound, and a new air intake and fan system, resulting in slimmer yet more powerful laptops of up to 160W total system TDP.

The Legion Slim Series has Super Rapid Charge, allowing laptops to charge up to 70% in just 30 minutes, providing users with more uninterrupted gaming sessions and work on the go. The Legion Ultimate Support offers gamers 24/7 access to advanced technical support performed by experts with game-specific knowledge, helping them get the most out of their Lenovo Legion devices, with remote solutions available as well as next business day onsite support.

Arsenal for New Gamers: Lenovo LOQ Gaming Laptops & Tower

Lenovo has introduced a new gaming line called, which borrows design elements from their premium Legion line. Both brands feature a stylized ‘O’ in their logos and the Lenovo LOQ laptops have a rear I/O notch. Gamers can choose from either a 16-inch Lenovo LOQ 16IRH8, powered by Intel® Core(TM) i5/i7™ processors. Both sizes have NVIDIA G-SYNC, which delivers vibrant colours and a quick refresh rate for a seamless gaming experience.

The Lenovo LOQ laptops come with NVIDIA GPUs and a MUX switch that bypasses the integrated GPU during gaming sessions, resulting in higher frames-per-second and reduced latency. The laptops also have a long battery life of up to 7 hours for the 16-inch models and 6 hours for the 15-inch models, as well as Super Rapid Charge for faster charging.

Lenovo LOQ devices come with Windows 11 and Lenovo Vantage, as well as 3 free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for new gamers. They also qualify for Lenovo’s Premium Care service for personalized hardware and software assistance. Additionally, the Lenovo LOQ Tower 17IRB8 is a desktop PC with a spacious 17L chassis and stylish blue-accented patterns that offer increased ventilation for heavy gaming sessions. It features competitive hardware and expandability options for a great out-of-the-box gaming experience.

Pricing and availability
The Lenovo Legion Pro 7i, featuring a 16-inch display and an Intel Core processor, is currently available starting at SGD5,299. The Lenovo Legion Pro 5i, with a 16-inch display and an Intel Core processor, is also available starting at SGD2,899.

Starting in May, the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i, and Lenovo Legion Slim 5i will be available in Singapore. Prices for these models will be announced closer to their launch dates.

Additionally, the Lenovo LOQ line, including the Lenovo LOQ 16IRH8 (Intel Core), and Lenovo LOQ 15IRH8 (Intel Core), as well as the Lenovo LOQ Tower 17IRB8 with Intel Core processor, will also be available in Singapore starting in May, with prices to be announced at a later date.