In with the New with Mozart in the latest Bang & Olufsen Beosound A9 and Beosound 2


Bang & Olufsen has introduced the latest generation of their popular home speakers, the Beosound A9 and Beosound 2, now available in new finishes of Black Anthracite, Gold Tone, and Natural. These speakers have been future-proofed by joining Bang & Olufsen’s celebrated Mozart software platform, ensuring software updates and features for years to come.

Michael Henriksson, Vice President of Product Marketing, emphasizes the importance of timeless design in creating captivating and long-lasting products. The Mozart platform’s heart is its replaceable module, which can be updated with the latest processing power if ever needed.

The Beosound A9 5th generation, designed by Oivind Slaatto, has retained its timeless circular shape while being upgraded with new standard finishes, including Black Anthracite, Gold Tone, and Natural Aluminum. It also has new back covers, oak legs, and aluminium hardware finishes to enhance its overall design. The Beosound A9 is customizable and easy to use, with features such as controlling music volume by sliding your hand across its surface and tapping to skip, play, or pause a listening experience.

Similarly, the Beosound 2 3rd generation boasts a unique high-design aesthetic and impressive sound quality. Its instantly recognizable cone shape is crafted from high-grade aluminium, and it now includes the Mozart software platform and Active Room Compensation, ensuring the speaker’s longevity and optimum listening experience.

Beosound A9 5th Gen will be available in Black Anthracite, Gold Tone and Natural Aluminum in-store and online at from March 2023 with prices starting at MYR 16,716.

Beosound 2 3rd Gen will be available in Black Anthracite, Gold Tone, and Natural Aluminum in-store and online at from April 2023 and will retail for MYR 15,883.