Enhance daily living with Acerpure’s new home goods lineup

Air purifiers, air circulators, and vacuum cleaners are among the new lineup of home goods that Acer is introducing under its new lifestyle brand, Acerpure. With the initial goal of providing clean air during COVID-19, it has now been expanded to include domestic equipment like vacuum cleaners, air circulators, and more. Acerpure wants to provide its customers with high-quality home appliances and eco-friendly solutions.

Chia Li Shi, Managing Director, of Acer Computer Singapore, said: “We are excited to launch our Acerpure home appliance brand in Singapore as Acer expands beyond providing technology through laptop and desktops and continue to use technology to further enhance customers’ lives.”

Currently, the Acerpure lineup consists of 5 products:

● Acerpure clean V1: A cordless vacuum cleaner comes with cyclonic suction technology that ensures consistent and powerful cleaning without a loss in suction.
● Acerpure clean V1 Lite: Compact lightweight vacuum cleaner with portability in mind.
● Acerpure cool C2: A 2-in-1 air purifier and air circulator that cleans the air using a 4-in-1 HEPA 13 filter and then ventilates fresh air around the room.
● Acerpure pro P2: The standalone air purifier that comes with similar features as the Acerpure cool C2.
● Acerpure cosy F1: A air circulator that has precise control over airflow with up to 12 different speed settings

Acerpure Clean V1

Users can vacuum without becoming tangled and like a pro with the new Acerpure Clean V1. The cyclonic suction technology in the 2,500 mAh lithium battery-powered vacuum cleaner allows it to collect dust without losing suction, and its filters guard against clogging so customers may enjoy uninterrupted continuous cleaning for up to 60 minutes.

Three power modes—Turbo, Daily, and Energy Saving Mode—allow the energy-conscious vacuum cleaner to be adjusted to various surfaces. Because of its potent 23,000 Pa suction force and five stages of filtration, which catch 99.5% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns, a powerful thorough clean may be accomplished in less time.

The attractively built vacuum cleaner, weighing only 1.5 kg, makes routine cleaning at home or in home offices feel simple and fun. With the help of numerous attachments, it is possible to clean a variety of surfaces and difficult-to-reach areas. The Acerpure clean V1 comes with a variety of accessories, including an electric mite removal brush that eliminates 99.9% of mites, a 2-in-1 combination brush for quick access to cleaning multiple surfaces, and a crevice nozzle for getting into tight spaces.

In addition, the Acerpure Clean V1 has an electric-powered brush with hair-free technology, a crossed V-shaped design to prevent hair tangles, as well as four integrated LED lights to illuminate the floor for improved visibility. With four interchangeable brushes, the Acerpure clean V1 demonstrated its adaptability.

Acerpure clean V1 lite

With its strong 13,000Pa vacuum suction, the Acerpure clean V1 lite proves that it is possible to design compact yet formidable handheld vacuum cleaners.

The Acerpure clean V1 lite’s small size makes it not only transportable but also simple to keep in a car, storage space, or even a baggage bag. It is simple to clean hard-to-reach places with the specifically designed vacuum cleaner’s 90-degree angled brush and 180-degree rotating wand, which keeps houses free of cobwebs, dust, pet dander, and other debris.

For busy nomads, the 550g cordless vacuum cleaner’s easy-removable dust bin and washable filters make cleaning it simple. It is also powered by USB-C.

Acerpure pro P2 and Acerpure cool C2

Pet and hair dander are first eliminated in the pre-filter of the Acerpure cool C2’s 2-in-1 air circulator and purifier before up to 99% of airborne bacteria, coronavirus activity (229E), and influenza A (H1N1) are eradicated in the 4-in-1 HEPA 13 filter.

The HEPA 13 primary filter and activated carbon filter provide four layers of protection, removing up to 99.7% of PM 1.0 particles, formaldehyde, gases, and odours from the air. The Acerpure cool C2 efficiently circulates and purifies the air in living rooms with a coverage area of up to 70m2.

While without the air circulator, the Acerpure pro-P2 is a stand-alone air purifier with many of the same characteristics as the Acerpure cool C2.

Acerpure cosy F1

With its simple, basic appearance and 12-speed settings, the new Acerpure Cozy F1 allows customers to quickly adjust to the temperature differential in their homes caused for better comfort. Users have complete control over whether they want a gentle, silent wind or a strong airflow thanks to the 90°up/down, 95°left/right oscillating direction adjustment. Adjust the fan speed, swing mode, timer, and more with the use of remote control.

For better ventilation of the living area, the fan generates a stronger wind than a regular fan using 3D airflow technology (up to 15 m). The turbine blade fan is powered by a DC motor that uses just 1.18 W of minimum airflow power while providing excellent air circulation at a cheap cost of electricity.

The Acerpure products are available on Acer Singapore’s e-store and other online marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada. The Acerpure Clean V1 will cost SGD 268. SGD 98 for the Acerpure clean V1 Lite, SGD 398 for the Acerpure cool C2, SGD 298 for the Acerpure pro P2, and SGD 128 for the Acerpure cosy F1.