Feature Rich and Holistic Audio Experience with Audio-Technica’s TWX9

A few truly wireless earbud models from Audio-Technica are already in their inventory, but the new ATH-TWX9 is the company’s most feature-rich flagship model. A deep-UV sterilizing system, Snapdragon Sound platform, and 360 Reality Audio are some of its special characteristics.

For a cutting-edge audio experience, the fully wireless ATH-TWX9 headphones give you the ability to personalize your sound environment. To create a personal, cosy sound, the headphones are also made to accommodate any ear shape. A sophisticated noise-cancelling feature lets you enjoy a rich listening experience in any setting. Other features include a deep-UV sterilization system that makes it easier to take care of your headphones daily, the superior Snapdragon SoundTM platform for better music, video, and calls, and 360 Reality Audio for a realistic 3D sound stage. These headphones were created with the user in mind and provided the most sophisticated, personal audio experiences.

Vibrant Sound Quality across Calls and Audio

The ATH-TWX9 is outfitted with Audio-brand-new Technica’s 5.8mm driver design, which has three layers of hard and soft materials to reduce vibrations and guarantee outstanding, fully immersive sound. In addition, the ATH-TWX9 employs an edge-mounted system with an external magnetic circuit to permit louder levels compared to drivers of comparable size. Last but not least, Sefar’s high-precision mesh is used in the ATH-air TWX9’s vents to adjust airflow and driver output sound pressure for excellent audio reproduction and noise cancellation.

MEMS microphones are carefully positioned in two different places on each earbud of the ATH-TWX9, enabling beamforming technology. Clear speech transmission even in loud surroundings is made possible by the microphones and Qualcomm cVc Generation 8.0 (Clear Voice Capture) technology working together.
The Sidetone function on the ATH-TWX9 lets you hear your voice during calls so you can control your level when speaking outside. Last but not least, you may even activate a fast microphone feature right from the earphones without touching your smartphone.

The same MEMS microphones capture outside noise and send it through an exclusive noise filter made by Audio-Technica to actively cancel it out. The ATH-TWX9 can monitor ambient noise and automatically apply the optimal noise cancelling settings by just touching and holding the earphones while wearing them. Alternatively, you may use the Connect app to select from five preset noise cancelling modes: Airplane, On The Go, Office/Study, Home, and Train.

Additionally, the ATH-TWX9 offers a Hear-Through mode that lets outside sounds into the earphones.

The ATH-TWX9 can generate higher audio performance when used with a device that supports Snapdragon sound thanks to its A2DP codec (music playback codec), which can transmit high resolutions comparable to up to 96 kHz/24 bit for a larger dynamic range. The Qualcomm aptX Voice codec is also supported, allowing for enhanced two-way talks with more clarity and resolution. Video and gaming latency is also decreased by the Snapdragon Sound Platform.

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio technology is also supported by the ATH-TWX9.

Stylistic Design for all Users

A dual microphone setup for hybrid noise-cancelling and beamforming microphone technology, among other features, has been included in the design of these headphones. The design achieves the ideal mix between a rigid construction and a cosy fit that closely resembles almost any ear shape. Audio-Technica has given careful consideration to the colour selections with these headphones. The dark bronze accents create a contrasting design that is equally appealing, calming, tidy, and beautiful when placed against a dark, low-reflectance black base hue (Japanese black).

Reinventing Your Lifestyle with Headphones

The ATH-charging TWX9 case may be used for USB-C or Qi Wireless charging. Additionally, a deep-UV LED cleaning technology removes germs and viruses from the earbuds’ surfaces before putting them back in the case.

The ATH-TWX9 Wireless Headphones retail for MYR$1304 at all authorise stores.