Experience an integrated lossless audio experience with FiiO FW5

FiiO, the market leader in lossless audio players, introduces the FW5, a fully integrated HiFi True Wireless Stereo (TWS) solution. The FW5 combines many cutting-edge FiiO technologies to provide a fully integrated, high-fidelity true wireless solution. This is one of the first TWS earphones to have a high-end Bluetooth chip, a high-performance DAC, and a precisely constructed audio circuit, resulting in significant quality improvement in all areas.

The high-fidelity integrated FW5 was created by the same FiiO research and development team that also created the FH9 flagship. The team was able to fit a massive 10mm dynamic driver into the tiny space of a truly wireless earphone, handling low and mid-range frequencies while two Knowles BA drivers recreate higher frequencies. These drivers cooperate to provide strong but textured bass while reproducing every treble detail.

Key highlights of the FW5 include:
● Independent AK4332 DAC: The FW5 includes an efficient AKM VELVET SOUND DAC, the AK4332, with high-performance decoding capabilities. This chip has a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 106dB, distortion of up to 0.0016%, and a dynamic range of up to 102 dB.

● Qualcomm QCC5141 Bluetooth chip: Due to the dual DSP and multi-core design of the high-end Qualcomm QCC5141, the FW5 uses robust and high-performance Bluetooth audio. The FW5 is also Snapdragon Sound certified, which attests to its superior audio capabilities.

● 10mm large dynamic driver: For low and mid frequencies, the FW5 has a big 10mm dynamic driver. The driver has been carefully developed to maximize the sound quality of its N50 neodymium magnets. The high magnetic density of these N50 magnets allows for higher dynamics and makes the sound stage vaster for a truly strong sound.

● DLC diaphragm with PU gasket: Due to its flexibility and high damping coefficient, PU is used for the gasket around the dynamic driver’s diaphragm in the FW5, which enables lusher voices and quicker transient response. The dynamic driver’s diaphragm is built of DLC, which has advantageous qualities including high stiffness and lightweight that allow for less unwelcome breakdown than other materials. In the end, this results in less non-linear distortion and improved resolution.

● 2 high-frequency BA drivers per ear: Two BA drivers are utilized for each channel at high frequencies. To lessen high-frequency loss when sound waves travel to the listener’s ear, these BA drivers are positioned in the sound tube close to the ear. This layout guarantees that even high-frequency tones, like those at 16 kHz, may be heard properly. The FW5’s airy, incredibly detailed treble, which captures every musical nuance, is made possible by this design.

● High-Res LHDC/aptX Adaptive Bluetooth format support: With Snapdragon Sound certification and compatibility for LHDC/aptX Adaptive for the highest quality in real wireless audio, the FW5 reinforces FiiO’s dedication to being at the forefront of innovative audio technologies. This support assures a significant increase in sending and receiving high-quality wireless audio, as well as a significant improvement in device compatibility.

Carefully-tuned sound performance by FiiO

As the first completely designed TWS earphones by FiiO, the development team concentrated on offering the best sound quality in a TWS earphone with full integration. FiiO made the decision to improve the physical construction of the unit in order to lower distortion and preserve the distinct sound of the drivers even if it is simple to change the frequency response curve using DSP.

On the basis of testing and experience in the real world, FiiO also decided on a way for controlling the FW5 while in use: two physical buttons for each ear unit. Physical buttons reduce microphonics during operation and make it easier to press them without using excessive force by being positioned perpendicular to the wearing angle

 Other characteristics are:
● 21+ hours battery life: The FW5 has a battery long enough to comfortably fulfil daily usage requirements while having a high-performance DAC chip, a high-end Bluetooth chip, and a well-constructed audio circuit. The FW5 has a sizable built-in 60mAh battery that allows for up to 6.5 hours of operation between charges. Over 21 hours of overall battery life are possible thanks to the 380mAh charging case.

● Power switch linked to the case: When you open the FW5 charging case, the ear units turn on and pair with the last device you used. When the FW5 ear units are placed back into the charging case, they automatically switch off to conserve battery.

● LED indicator lights: LED indicator lights are present on both the FW5 ear units and the charging enclosure. The four indicator lights on the charging case show the battery life and charging progress as well as whether or not the ear units are inside. A white indicator light is included in each ear unit, highlighting the pairing and connection statuses clearly.

● Dual-mic cVc noise cancellation: Each ear unit of the FW5 features 2 microphones that work together with cVc noise cancellation technology for clearer voice calls.

● 2 sets of ear tips included: A set of balanced ear tips and two additional sets of vocal ear tips are included with the FW5 as standard accessories for various sound preferences. The vocal ear tips combine excellent comfort with excellent sound quality since they are constructed of medical-grade silicone with a soft feel that is easy to wear.

Pricing and Availability
FiiO FW5 retails for S$239 (including GST) and is available immediately at AV One (av1group.com.sg), AV One Lazada (www.lazada.sg/shop/av-one), Connect IT, Sam Audio, Stereo Electronics, TK Foto and TREOO.