The One Millionth Brompton

Brompton Bikes has today built its millionth iconic folding bike at its factory in Greenford, London, 47 years after it was first invented in 1975. To mark this landmark moment in Brompton’s history, the millionth bike has been given a special design treatment inspired by one of the brand’s original models, the ‘Mark One’ with a red main frame, silver parts, and one-of-a-kind million decal, ID plate, and aluminium Touchpoints.

From its build in London, the bike will be given to the Brompton Community for a Global tour heading to 16 Global cities with the aim of getting thousands of its community to ride the bike over the course of a year.

This will form part of the brand’s All Together Different campaign, an initiative aimed at celebrating the different ways the Brompton fits into our lives, the community that uses the bike, and a collective belief that cities have a different future – greener, more connected, more
active – a future powered by bikes. At each stop on the millionth bike tour, Brompton will
host a ride-out event on the millionth bike alongside city-specific discussions on shaping cities for the better.

Details of the tour will be released at: and you can follow the bike’s progress and release date.