The Musician’s Choice: LG TONE Free fit TF8

I don’t remember what life was like before wireless earbuds. I’m not an audiophile but I do need an audio device of good quality that meets my needs as a musician and fits my lifestyle as a content creator and a small business owner.

I had the chance to try the LG TONE Free fit TF8 and here are my first impressions – it is sleek in an almost egg-shaped cover that is small enough to fit into my tiny bags.

Being a multi-hyphenate, as many of us are nowadays, I am constantly on the go. Since I’m always commuting throughout the day, I am a heavy user of wireless earbuds. One of the main features that I appreciate is the ergonomic fit, especially when I use earbuds for long hours. The LG TONE Free fit TF8 earbuds wear comfortably and securely in my ears and are lightweight. I can’t wait to try it in my next workout.

It also delivers up to 30 hours of playtime from a single charge without Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and 18 hours with ANC. Fast charge gives 1 hour of playback with just 5min of charging, perfect for when the juice is empty and I’m rushing to head out! These features are perfect for extended usage.

I am in the middle of producing some new music, hence the need for an audio listening device with enhanced quality. LG’s partnership with Meridian Audio, which is well known for high-performance audio solutions, definitely made the LG TONE Free fit TF8 a keeper for me. The TF8 provides clarity in the audio and the Meridian’s Perfect Balance technology enables the TF8 earbuds to maintain a consistent tonal balance at any volume. The immersive and crisp yet balanced listening experience is key in the midst of the mixing and mastering stages.

While the pandemic is almost a thing of the past, online video meetings are here to stay. There are three microphones in each earbud which reduces ambient noise while clearly picking up my voice. Calls aren’t so frustrating anymore!
Netflix and chill is an elevated experience on my rest days because the TF8 earbuds make sounds feel like they come from all around me, like a true cinema experience!

I also appreciate the UV LED in the charging case that helps to reduce 99.9%* of bacteria on the ear tips whenever the earbuds are placed in the case.
All in all, I find that the LG TONE Free fit TF8 ticks all the boxes for wireless earbuds that fit my lifestyle and more. No matter your profession, the TF8 sets the bar for quality meets functionality.

For more information on LG TONE Free fit TF8, check it out here.

*Detailed disclaimers relating to product features apply.