Redefining sound with Bowers & Wilkins new Px8

Bowers & Wilkins, the renowned British premium audio brand, has introduced the Px8, their new flagship wireless headphone. Building on the widespread acclaim bestowed upon the multi-Award-winning Px7 S2 model, the new Px8 establishes a new benchmark for sound, build, and finish in the active noise-cancelling wireless headphone category.
The Px8 is powered by the same active noise cancelling wireless technology as the Px7 S2, which is already one of the best-sounding headphones in its class. Px8 takes that excellent performance to new levels of detail, resolution, and spaciousness thanks to all-new handmade 40mm Carbon Cone drive units.

The Px8’s innovative Carbon Cones, inspired by the Carbon Dome drive units used in Bowers & Wilkins’ extremely acclaimed 700 Series loudspeaker family, give an unprecedented mix of ultra-fast response and exceptionally low distortion across the frequency spectrum. As a result, the Px7 S2 sets a new standard for resolution, detail, and timing, resulting in an even more engaging and natural musical performance that is closer than ever to the True Sound of the artist’s intent.
Px8’s Carbon Cone drive units, like the Px7 S2, are meticulously oriented inside each earcup to ensure a consistent distance relative to the listener’s ear from every point across the surface of each driver, resulting in a more immersive and extremely accurate soundstage. The result is the best sound quality Bowers & Wilkins has ever delivered from a pair of wireless headphones.
A new leader in headphone design
Px8’s design is as inspiring as its sonic quality. The new headset comes in two colours: black leather and tan leather, and it now boasts a cast-aluminium arm construction that pays homage to Bowers & Wilkins’ unique design language, as well as a diamond-cut brilliant edge on each elliptical logo plate. For the ultimate premium experience, the earcups, memory-foam cushions, and headband are trimmed in smooth, sumptuous Nappa leather. These design and material choices, taken together, guarantee that the Px8 confidently establishes Bowers & Wilkins’ status as a premium audio brand unlike any other in the market.
Unparalleled high-resolution sound
The Px8, like the Px7 S2, employs Qualcomm’s aptXTM Adaptive wireless technology to ensure the finest sound quality possible from compatible phones, tablets, and PCs. USB-C and 3.5mm analogue cable connections are also supported, with both cable types supplied in the product’s carry case.
The Px8 combines its ultra-high-performance drive unit configuration with powerful Bowers & Wilkins-developed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to produce superb, 24-bit high-resolution sound quality from top streaming services via wireless or cable connections.
Cancel the Noise, not the Music
The Px8 uses the same unique Bowers & Wilkins-optimized noise cancellation technology as the Px7 S2 to effectively block out undesirable noise while preserving musicality.
Six high-performance microphones collaborate to produce the greatest results: two measure the output of each drive unit, two respond to outside noise, and two give exceptional speech quality with better noise suppression.
As with the Px7 S2, the system’s performance has been enhanced by placing the two external microphones closer together, modifying the angling of each microphone to increase voice capture, and repositioning the second mic to lessen wind noise interference.
A Breakthrough in User Experience
The Bowers & Wilkins Music App will receive a significant improvement with the release of the new Px8.
The Music App will allow Px8 users to stream music directly from their mobile device to their headphones when it launches, with Deezer, Qobuz, and TIDAL all supported. The same capability will be available to Px7 S2 owners on the day Px8 is released. Customers of Bowers & Wilkins may now simply switch between listening at home – for example, via a Zeppelin or a pair of Formation Duo stereo speakers – and listening on the go with a set of Px8 or Px7 S2 headphones, as just one illustration of the benefits of this game-changing technology.
The Music App, like before, enables connecting of the Px8 to a mobile device, supports fine-tuning of the sound with customizable EQ, and allows users to choose their preferred noise-cancelling mode, all while monitoring the charge levels of the headphone. Physical controls on each earcup ensure complete control even when not using the Music App, and users can utilize the Px8 to effortlessly launch their phone’s Voice Assistant at the push of a button.

With a battery life of 30 hours, Px8 can play all day – and more – on a single charge, while a 15-minute quick charge can provide up to seven hours of additional listening time, so you’ll never be without your favourite music for long.

The premium design and class-leading sound quality of the new Px8 will be available from the 28th of September, from the Bowers & Wilkins website and selected retailers priced at SGD923 / MYR2954