Weekend getaways with LARQ Filtered Water Bottle

Over the weekend, I took some time off to head over to our neighbour, KL for a quick weekend getaway that was filled with fun, food and adventures. Thankfully, I had my trusty LARQ water bottle to keep my water fresh and my mind at ease when travelling around different key locations.

Over the course of the weekend, I documented my experience with LARQ Water Bottle as well as the LARQ PureVis cap. Watch below for my experience:

Things worth mentioning were how the LARQ bottle kept my chilled water cool for a long period of time (hearsay the chill can last for 24 hours) and how the filter had amazing pollutant removal technology with Nano Technology and Charcoal. This kept worries about polluted water out of the way and more mind space to enjoy my break.

In addition, I compared the filtered straw and the PureVis cap and came to the conclusion that it was up to your usage and preference. In the case of convenience, PureVis would rank higher as it automatically sterilises your bottle and water for you every 2 hours in 60 seconds. With the use of PureVis UV-C light technology, it will be neutralising any harmful bacteria and viruses. However, you would need to be taking water from a reliable water source.

In the case of pollutant removal or if you are in locations with sketchy water sources, then LARQ’s Filtered Straw Cap would be your go-to. Its reliable pollutant removal technology will be ridding you of drinking any unwanted stuff.

For example, when I was outdoor climbing and bouldering in gyms, there was the presence of dirt and chalk which made the environment less clean. In this case, I was using the Filtered Straw Cap as my go-to.

Though you can choose to bring two caps along for maximum safety, it can get bulky as you would need to use the PureVis Cap first to sanitize the water and then use our Filter Cap to remove pollutants.

The LARQ Bottle Filtered are now available on LARQ’s official store in Lazada and Shopee. Both the 500ml and 740ml versions are available in Black and White at $99 and $129 respectively. As for the filter, it costs $39 and has a recommended replacement period of every 2-3 months. The PureVis Cap can be purchased separately at $110.

For those that prefer a non-insulated bottle, there’s the option of LARQ Bottle Movement Filtered. These tend to come with the PureVis Cap and are retailing at $159 for 500ml (5 colours – Black, Blue, Mint, White, Pink) and $189 for 740ml (4 colours – Black, Blue, Mint, White).

You can find out more information on LARQ Filtered Water Bottle here.