Becoming a Leader in Solutions and Services: An NXT Exclusive Interview with Nigel Lee, Country General Manager of Lenovo Singapore

We spoke to Nigel Lee, the new Country General Manager of Lenovo Singapore as he spoke about his vision and strategy for the Singapore market.

How has the vision for the Singapore market changed over the past two years?

The vision for Lenovo Singapore hasn’t changed in the last two years. We’re still providing smarter technology for all. In the last two years we have learned and adapted to the way we’re doing things – especially the hybrid environment we’re working in. We are using a lot of AI, AR and VR to incorporate into our technologies.

What are the new strategies set for the Singapore market?

We are taking a service-led approach. In this current context, in actual fact, we are coming out with a lot of new initiatives. Things like smart collaboration, office booking, workspace analytics, smart lockers and digital signage. All these will be incorporated in our new service-led service and solutions.

Why was the decision made to focus on solutions and services?

As a service-led company – and into the transformation in the last few years – we’ve been getting feedback from customers regarding our technologies, service and solutions. And as such we’ve incorporated a lot of solutions in our current technologies. Such as, accidental damage protection, premium support and also ultimate Legion support.

What kinds of innovative solutions and services can customers expect?

In 2021, Lenovo conducted a survey on the future of work and digital transformation. 88% of participants have responded that they would like to work from home, work from anywhere and on a hybrid model. And as such, Lenovo has come up with solutions like smart collaboration, workplace booking, workplace analytics. In addition, we have enhanced our services, in terms of  providing better services – test services, managed services, and device as a service.

How does Lenovo plan to navigate the current ever-changing climate of the cybersecurity space?

Lenovo takes a very serious view on cybersecurity. The time when we research our product, to the time when the product is produced, we take cybersecurity as a top priority.  And within this, we have two solutions. One is Think Shield – it’s basically an end-to-end security device that is embedded into the products. Secondly, we know that in this cybersecurity warfare, about 43% of the attacks are targeting SMBs. And as such, we have solutions like Lenovo security council to protect customers from all these attacks.

Why is it important for Lenovo to focus on balancing innovation and sustainability?

As a global IT provider, we take sustainability as a top priority and we would like to lead by example. I’m proud to announce the Z Series that is made up of 100% sustainable products – in terms of packaging and recycling. By 2025, 100% of our products would be using post-consumer contents. I’m also proud to announce that we are first in the market to provide carbon-offset to our products. In addition, I’m proud to announce that all our ThinkPad Series come with Gold Standard and Energy Star certification.

What kind of future will Lenovo’s smarter technology create?

As a provider of smarter technology, and in a shared digital future, no one should be left behind. In addition, we should remove all the barriers to technology, when it is supposed to be a necessity. In all, we are trying to provide smarter technology for all.