Review: The LG StanbyME is Really Versatile

The LG StanbyME (ART10AKPL) is actually a little difficult to pigeonhole – is it a smart touchscreen display or portable 27-inch FHD monitor? Plus it’s WebOS powered so there’s plenty of smart TV functionality!

What I do know is that it is extremely versatile for use around the house! Once you’ve unboxed the LG StanbyME, which takes bit of finesse considering the long stand and adjustable display mount, you’ll find that the heavy circular base contains five swivel wheels that let you easily move the device around your home, though with a device maximum height of 1.2 metres weight of 17.5kg its a bit awkward to carry up a narrow flight of stairs. Part of that weight is due to the battery integrated into the base, which gives the display 3 hours of power.

Apart from turning the stand to your preferred direction, the StanbyME display can rotate 180 degrees, swivel 130 degrees, tilt 50 degrees and change its height by 20 cm, so it is an extremely versatile display, especially as you don’t need to put it on a desk or table top. Connectivity is quite fast – just select your WiFi network, or sync via NFC to your smartphone. There’s even a USB port to connect external drives and a HDMI 1.4 port to use with your notebook.

With NFC you can mirror content from your smart device, and Apple users can use AirPlay2 to beam their Apple TV+ output to the screen, though with WebOS there’s plenty of streaming apps, and the StanbyME comes with Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime Audio, HBO Go, YouTube, Disney Plus, Viu, MeWatch pre-installed, so you can simply use the remote to select your favourite YT channel, or if you’re close enough to the panel, touch three fingers to the bottom left to activate the touchscreen functionality.

Once connected to my home WiFi, I was able to use the StanbyME for an astonishing amount of task – from reading online news in landscape mode while sitting next to my dinner table (where I maneuvered the screen between two dining chairs), to letting me surf Instagram from my couch, and watch Moon Knight on Disney Plus next to my bed.

The only thing function the StanbyME doesn’t (yet) support is video conferencing with an external Webcam, as there aren’t apps like Zoom and Webex, though you could mirror your smartphone display. The 27-inch touchscreen is a Full-HD IPS display powered by an LG a7 Gen 4 TV processor, so the panel can upscale content, enhance images, and lets you watch HDR10 Pro and HLG videos, while the 10W rear stereo speakers are surprisingly loud.

At S$1,799 for a smart hybrid TV/monitor the LG StanbyME comes across as quite pricey, especially as it isn’t a 4K panel, but that’s still a pretty big panel for a touchscreen, and it is very very handy around the house.

Technical Specifications

Screen 27-inch IPS. Full-HD, 1920 x 1080 resolution
Processor a7 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K
Features HDR10, HLG, HDR Dynamic
Smart TV WebOS, ThinkQ
Connectivity NFC, Apple AirPlay2,WiFI 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5, HDMI 1.4, USB-A
Battery Life Up to 3 hours
Dimensions 621 x 1395 x 397mm (with stand)
Weight 17.5kg (with stand)

We say:
A unique and versatile mobile 27-inch touchscreen display to enhance your connected life, though it is expensive for the panel size.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars