Raising Bars with Sennheiser’s New Line Up

Expect the unexpected as Sennheiser introduces three new earpieces for different audio appetites and uses. The three new earpieces include the Sennheiser’s IE600 IEMs for audiophiles to enjoy neutral sound reproduction, the SPORT True Wireless for fitness enthusiasts and athletes no matter how intense the workout, and the CX Plus SE True Wireless with an upgraded look.

In the whole new lineup, the IE600 are the ones to look out for. Sennheiser’s new IE600 breaks new ground for neutral sound reproduction. For sophisticated audiophiles, even the tiniest details matter. With the exceptional IE600, a lifetime of listening pleasure starts at an atomic level in the specific materials used to create its ultra-tough earphone housings, while meticulous craftsmanship and tuning ensure an exquisitely natural sound. Enjoy intimate, true-to-life vocals and accurate fast bass response.  

Through a patented 3D printing process, the housings of the IE600 have been crafted from ZR01 amorphous zirconium, a metal with a glass-like atomic structure that gives it triple the hardness and bends resistance of high-performance steel. Ultimate toughness is expected as the same metal is also used in the aerospace industry. With multiple elaborate treatment processes, a beautiful yet highly resistant surface finish is achieved. 

Just as distinctive is the IE600’s exceptional sound performance for which Sennheiser’s engineers utilised the innovative acoustic back volume and precision-molded resonator chambers. This voicing lends a presence and intimacy that brings listeners closer to the music, allowing them to discover new accents and details. The nozzle houses dual resonator chambers that are the key to the earphones’ high-fidelity sound. Precisely formed to tight tolerances, these chambers make even the finest textures of a listener’s music audible by eliminating masking resonances that – in lesser headphones – can obscure higher frequencies.  

The IE600 achieves exceptional, virtually distortion-free reproduction of music thanks to Sennheiser’s  TrueResponse transducer, a single 7mm driver responsible for the extra-wide frequency range and ultra-low distortion of these earphones. Within the IE600, this system and the acoustic back volume have been tuned for a tonally neutral, intimate, and emotional sound. This ensures a true-to-life voicing that is especially expressive for vocal performances. The acoustic system has also been optimised to produce a steep bass slope resulting in a powerful yet fast and accurate low-end response. 

The IE600 comes with two different styles of earbud tips – silicone and memory foam – provided in three sizes for a comfortable seal in any ear, while flexible, adjustable ear hooks further enhance the long-lasting comfort for extended listening. 

IE600’s gold-plated MMCX connectors are recessed in its housing for greater stability and guidance. They support cable diameters of 4.8mm and smaller and can be plugged into a wide range of audio sources as well as hi-fi components with balanced outputs. The IE600 cable itself stands out for being para-aramid reinforced and able to withstand at least 8,000 bending cycles over a sharp edge. The industry standard is resisting 500-1,000 cycles. 

The new Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless brings superior audio performance for fitness enthusiasts and athletes no matter the intensity. Its unique Adaptable Acoustic feature and adjustable EQ settings also offer a choice of open and closed ear adapters, allowing athletes to tailor their listening experience to the sport. The open ear adapters in combination with the Aware EQ settings help to reduce body-borne noise and allow some outside sounds to enter for better situational awareness. In this mode, runners hear fewer distracting noises such as their own heartbeat or footsteps and more of their surroundings, blending their favourite exercise playlist with sounds of nature or the city while improving awareness. Those who prefer their own music in noisy gyms and don’t want to be distracted by the busy environment will find peace of mind with the closed ear adapter and Focus EQ settings

Thanks to its secure, customisable fit, the earbuds can be customized with a choice of ear adapters in three sizes and four different ear fins to withstand any workout. With an IP54 rating, the SPORT True Wireless is dust and splash-resistant and can also easily withstand sweat, runs in the rain, and even workouts at the beach. 

The SPORT True Wireless doesn’t just stand up to the physical challenges. With a battery life of 9 hours and another 18 hours with the charging case, it offers uncompromising performance to go the distance. 

Following the 2021 launch of the CX Plus True Wireless, Sennheiser’s new Special Design Edition has a new brushed matte surface which gives the CX Plus True Wireless a unique look. The earbuds offer a thrilling, high-quality listening experience with Active Noise Cancellation, effortless smart interaction, and a sleek refreshed design for supremely comfortable all-day enjoyment. With Sennheiser’s TrueResponse Transducer and Active Noise Cancellation for distraction-free listening enjoyment, the CX Plus SE True Wireless guarantees exceptional sound anywhere, every day. Its smart features make life and listening effortless. Transparency Mode lets you focus on external sounds when desired, while customizable touch controls ensure effortless control of audio, calls, and voice assistant access. 

The CX Plus SE True Wireless has been designed for all-day use, with a sleek ergonomic design for fatigue-free all-day wearing and up to 24 hours of playback with on the go charging. Thanks to IPX4-rated splash resistance; you can keep on enjoying the CX Plus SE True Wireless wherever you go. 

The new IE600, the new Sport True Wireless and the new CX Plus SE True  Wireless retail at the Sennheiser webshop and all authorised Sennheiser retailers.