Transform Rooms with Nanoleaf’s Modern Mood Lighting

Nanoleaf, smart decor and lighting industry leader, announces Nanoleaf Lines, their newest design of mood lighting for the home, entertainment, and hybrid workspaces. Nanoleaf Lines are smart backlit colour-changing LED light bars featuring a stunning RGB illumination in a never-before-seen modular linear form. The ultramodern design coupled with smart technology creates unique and personalised experiences for a variety of living spaces.

Nanoleaf Lines reinvents the idea of modular mood lighting with their ultra-lightweight light bars that connect at 60-degree angle increments, creating sleek linear layouts, grand geometric shapes, and even ceiling setups. Each light bar can be painted with two different colours at once, blending seamlessly for dynamic animations, while the backlit glow casts an immersive design on walls or ceilings.

Paint spaces with mesmerizing lighting Scenes like vibrant ‘Neon Dreams’ or hypnotic ‘Kaleidoscope,’ whether it is for a movie session, gaming, or listening to a playlist. Lines come with 19 pre-set dynamic Scenes, including 7 Rhythm Scenes that intuitively react to music. Users can also explore thousands of new Scenes in the Nanoleaf App or create and upload their own using the Scene Creator which includes over 16 million colour options, and a variety of emotions like ‘Highlight’ which highlights the first colour in their custom colour palette and smoothly fades in the other colours periodically as well.

Experience music in a fun new way with Nanoleaf’s signature Rhythm Music Visualiser which is built into Lines. Watch as Lines syncs with a variety of tunes in real-time to create dynamic colour animations, with colours dancing and pulsing along to beats and melodies. Each Rhythm Motion (with 22 to choose from) is uniquely made for a different genre of music, complementing everything from bass-heavy beats for parties and get-togethers to soft melodic instrumentals ideal for unwinding or casual dinners.

Transform movie and gaming nights with immersive Screen Mirror, which syncs Lines to the screens for the ultimate entertainment experience. On-screen colours and animations are mirrored onto the lighting layout as the colours move beyond the screen and onto the designs, making viewers feel as if they have stepped right into the scene. With four different modes available, users can fully customise the experience whether it’s Match mode’s ultra-immersion to feel like they are part of the action or Palette mode for a more subtle transition of colours.

Lines will seamlessly fit into smart home and entertainment spaces. No drilling or rewiring needed. Lines can be easily secured to any smooth surface with the included adhesive on the back of each Mounting Plate.

Lines act as a Thread Border Router for the Nanoleaf Essential line of Bulbs & Lights trips to provide a faster and more reliable connection for both iOS and Android users. All essential devices will automatically connect to a Thread network as soon as Lines are paired with the Nanoleaf app.

To control Lines, there’s Nanoleaf App via Wi-Fi, voice commands, or manually with the physical Controller. Lines are also compatible with several other smart services like Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT integrations.

Accessorise Lines for even more design customizations. Lines Skins will allow users to instantly change the style of their layout with ultra-lightweight Snap-on faceplates; no tape or further installation is required. Skins will come in Black and Pink and will be available in December.

Nanoleaf Lines is now available at Lazada & Shopee or at the physical stores below. Smarter Kits (9 Lines) retail at MYR$1,046 and Expansion Packs (3 Lines) at MYR$336.