Fujifilm gets retrolicious with the instax mini Evo hybrid camera

Fujifilm has released its second hybrid digital/instax camera, the instax mini Evo, with upgraded technology, plus some retrolicous touches!

The instax mini Evo is Fujifilm’s second hybrid digital/instant camera, following the instax mini LiPlay, which debuted in 2019.

Unlike the mini LiPlay, with the mini Evo Fujifilm have amped up the retrolicious styling from the X-series digital cameras, creating a trendy rangefinder design that resembles the Fujifilm X100VF, but one that uses Fujifilm’s hybrid instant photography system, which uses a digital camera sensor to capture your image, and a 3.5-inch LCD monitor for you to review and select photos to print, as well as add flourishes. This not only saves users from printing out the wrong photos, but actually provides you with plenty of added fun.

The hybrid instax system works similarly to its analog counterpart, where an instax print is exposed to a scene when the shutter opens, ‘taking’ a picture. In the mini Evo, once you’ve selected your photo and toggled the print lever, which is designed to mimic the film winding lever from an old analog camera, the instax print is exposed to an LED ‘print head’ as it moves out of the camera’s body, which has double the resolution of the instax mini LiPlay, so users will enjoy much better print quality with sharper images.

Apart from the print lever, other retrolicous control touches include the analog styling of the lens adjustment system and the front-mounted power switch.

The mini Evo also adds better creativity and image capture features, with ten lens including “Soft Focus” and “Light Leak” as well as ten film effects including “Monochrome” and “Retro.” These two types of effects can be freely combined for 100 different shooting effects to your prints, and users can also select a “instax-Rich” mode for rich colours and an “instax-Natural” mode for softer touch.

Fujifilm have also released a companion ‘instax mini Evo*2’ app that has a ‘Direct Print’ feature to print images from a smartphone, while ‘Save Printed Images’ sends the image that you edited, embellished and framed in the mini Evo to your smartphone, so you can share it on social media.

Alongside the instax mini Evo, Fujifilm has also released a new Mini-format film with a Stone Gray frame accentuated with metallic silver.

Instax mini Evo MYR$919

Mini-format film ‘Stone Gray’ MYR$51.53