EUPHO S2 ALPHORN, a New Paradigm in Speaker Design

Hey guys! Amidst studying for midterms and meeting assignment deadlines these few weeks, I always try to find new ways to relax and calm myself down. It was the best period to try out the Eupho S2 Alphorn wireless speakers, as music is essential in keeping me sane. I did a quick unboxing video to show you guys how it looks, do check it out! 

First up, I’m sure we are all awed by the unique looking design. Typically, speakers we are familiar with are rectangular in shape. With the Eupho S2 Alphorn, they are beautifully crafted with a state-of-art design. I love its elegant rounded design, with a glossy finish. Honestly, at first glance, I could have almost mistaken it for a home decor piece! With that being said, placing the Eupho S2 Alphorn in my living room is so aesthetic, and I absolutely love how it adds a pop of personality. At only S$329, it is beautiful and functional, being both a decor piece and TV speaker.

The Eupho S2 Alphorn looks, feels, and sounds spectacular. Personally, I love connecting it with my TV when I invite my friends over to watch action shows. Due to the current pandemic, it is tough meeting all my friends outside with all the restrictions. Hence, they love coming over to watch action movies, and this speaker really elevates our movie experience. With the loud and booming bass, the movie’s explosions, gunfire, and orchestral soundtrack immerse us in the action. With 2 of the speakers on each side of the TV, the sound almost compares to a full home theatre set-up! 

I recommend watching one of my favourite superhero films, Thor. The best part is early in the film when Thor flips over the dining table and it thunders to the floor, where the greatest bass thumper appears unexpectedly. 

In my room, the Eupho S2 Alphorn blends in seamlessly with my white desktop setup. It comes in 2 different colours, black and white and I am definitely choosing the white one. When I am resting, I love listening to my favourite Spotify live concert playlists and jamming along to my favourite songs. 

Its spherical appearance is not just for the aesthetic. The well-balanced and symmetric position for each speaker harmonizes the sound amplitude. It also greatly declines the sound distortion with lesser unwanted casing vibration. With four drivers in a symmetrical position, it balances off the pressure created by the speakers which harmonises the sound amplitude. All technical terms aside, this means the good sound quality is preserved. 

The Eupho S2 Alphorn is also portable given the handle that comes with it. When visiting my family, I like to bring it along with me to liven up the mood there! With 20 hours of battery life, I am not worried that the speaker will run out of battery suddenly. It also features 35Hz low bass.

Who needs a clunky subwoofer when a single speaker unit can already rule them all? Overall, I love the Eupho S2 Alphorn’s superb sound quality, and how it is value for money. Furthermore, it is also aesthetic and livens up the mood in my house.

For more information and to purchase it, check it out here