Sony Unveils Sensory Experiences with New Home Theatre Systems

With the introduction of the two premium Home Theatre System HT-A9 and flagship HT-A700 soundbars, Sony fans can expect a new and revolutionary multi-dimensional sound experience. Feel the action happening above and from every corner of the living room with innovative surround sound technologies that create an incredibly immersive soundscape for any music, film or gaming content.

On top of these two Home Theatre Systems, there are new optional wireless subwoofers – SA-SW5 and SA-SW3 as well as wireless rear speakers – SA-RS3S to add bass and widen surrounding sounds. 

HT-A9 Soundbar 

Starting with HT-A9, it is packed with key features including Sony’s unique 360 spatial sound mapping technology, versatile set ups, innovative speaker design, and more. With these traits, the A9 can fill a whole room with its sound field optimisation and 360 sound mapping technology that measures the space and ingeniously creates up to twelve phantom speakers from just four speakers by synthesising sound waves. The A9 can also be set up without any cables across a room and be fitted against the wall with a flat rear surface and its light pearl grey colour is designed to seamlessly blend with interiors. 

The insides of the speakers feature two rectangular X-Balanced Speaker Units to maximise the diaphragm area for richer bass and sound pressure. They also offer a new Wide Directivity Woofer that has reduced cavity effect by minimising the depth of its concave shape. The speakers’ beveled edges help to further reduce sound diffraction.

Whether it’s used to watch movies or play games, all of the original picture quality is preserved when playing content through the A9. You’ll be completely immersed in movies and games that are much more thrilling and realistic as the A9 supports all the latest formats such as 8K HDR, 4K 120fps and Dolby Vision to create a best-in-class entertainment experience.

HT-A7000 Soundbar 

Next up, the HT-A7000 is featured with supreme surround sound with the two up-firing speakers for overhead sound, two beam tweeters and five front speakers for wider surround and a built-in dual subwoofer for deep bass. Coupled with Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force PRO Front Surround, the A7000 creates virtual surround sound so customers can fully enjoy the thrill of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Thanks to Sony’s Vertical Surround Engine, the A7000 can position sound in vertical space to create overhead audio without the need for in-ceiling speakers. With S-Force PRO, the soundbar can virtually reproduce the surround sound field, with audio coming from both horizontal directions. Additionally, the A7000’s Sound Field Optimisation feature utilises built-in microphones to intelligently measure the height and width of the room, as well as the position of an optional subwoofer and rear speakers, and perfectly optimises sound to the room’s layout.

Experience music like in a concert where users can enjoy music the way the artists truly intended with High-Resolution Audio and 360 Reality Audio. 360 Reality Audio immerses users in music as if they were right in front of their favorite artist and can be enjoyed through compatible music streaming services. The A7000 also features DSEE Extreme, which restores the high-range sound of compressed digital music in real-time. Easily access popular music services like Spotify and stream favourite albums and playlists with Bluetooth, using Chromecast, Apple AirPlay 2 or Spotify Connect.

Whether it’s used to watch dramatic movies or play action-packed games, all of the original picture quality is preserved when playing content through the A7000. It also supports all the latest formats such as 8K HDR, 4K 120fps and Dolby Vision to create a best-in-class entertainment experience.

Design of the A700 was also made intentional where the A7000 and optional speakers are made under a common Omnidirectional Block Concept for a fully cohesive look. Its sophisticated rounded edges represent a single solid block providing wide-spreading sound. The combination of rich material textures emphasises an affinity to any living room environment

The soundbar also features voice activation and works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Customers can easily add the A7000 to their speaker group using the Google Home app.

Go Deeper with an Optional Subwoofer and Rear Speaker:




For even deeper bass, add an optional wireless subwoofer. Having two types of subwoofers allows the built-in subwoofers in the A9 and A7000 to handle bass and vocals with the optional wireless subwoofer focusing on low range sound. For rich bass, add the SA-SW5 wireless subwoofer with 300W of deep bass from a 180mm driver with passive radiator. Or, opt for the SA-SW3 wireless subwoofer with 200W of sound from a compact bass reflex subwoofer with a 160mm driver. For even more cinematic thrills, add the SA-RS3S wireless rear speakers with 100W of wider surround sound and wall mount capability.