Samsung Introduces 4-Door Flex Refrigerator Series and Jet Bot+ with Clean Station

Samsung Electronics introduced its latest range of refrigerators and robot vacuum cleaners to enhance homeowners’ live-in experience. This includes the latest 4-Door Flex Refrigerator Series, as well as the Jet Bot+ with Clean Station.  

Samsung 4-Door Flex Refrigerator

Consumers can look forward to flexible storage options and enhanced freshness delivered right from the 4-Door Flex Refrigerator Series with the signature FlexZone. In addition, consumers can enjoy new features such as the brand-new Beverage Center and DualAuto Ice Maker features for access to refreshing cold water.

The Samsung 4-Door Flex Refrigerator Series includes four models in both Stainless Steel and Classic Matte Black variants. They come equipped with features that are designed to meet the different lifestyle and eating habits of families, including quick and easy access to refreshingly cold water, as well as ensuring food items stay fresh, last longer and taste their best. 

The new Beverage Center can be found inside the upper-left door of the refrigerator. It consists of the In Door Water Dispenser and an AutoFill Water Pitcher to provide consumers with two different ways to obtain hygienic, filtered cold water anytime.  

Consumers can have quick access to cold water via the In-door Water Dispenser, kept inside the refrigerator with lesser exposure to air to reduce contamination. It also features a stainless-steel nozzle that is detachable for easy washing. 

For consumers seeking a refreshingly chilled and naturally flavoured drink straight from the refrigerator, the BPA3 free 1.4L AutoFill Water Pitcher automatically fills up with purified water and can be infused with your choice of fruits and herbs. 

The Dual Auto Ice Maker makes regular cubed ice and Ice  Bites in two separate ice makers to suit different preferences for cold beverages. Ice Bites are smaller and can chill drinks much faster—great for families with children. The Dual Auto Ice Maker makes up to 2.8kg of ice a day and has a large storage capacity of up to 3.1kg. 

Keep food fresher for longer and preserve its natural flavour and taste with enhanced cooling features. A Triple Cooling system independently supplies cool air to three compartments in the fridge and freezer using three dedicated coolers. The system controls the temperature and humidity in each compartment to create optimal storage conditions and prevents odours from mixing. 

And with Metal Cooling, the fridge’s metal plate in the rear wall helps maintain the optimal internal temperature and prevents the loss of cool air whenever the door is opened. 

Interior customisation is available thanks to its flexible shelving and drawer configuration which helps keep different foods fresh by creating optimal conditions. 

Samsung’s signature FlexZone, an independently controlled compartment that can effortlessly convert from a fridge to a freezer, provides users with more customised food-management options to accommodate different families’ eating habits. With this feature, users can store a wide range of items based on five pre-set temperature modes: Freeze, Soft Freeze, Meat/Fish, Fruits/Veggies, and Beverages.  

The 4-Door Flex is also equipped with a temperature-adjustable Flex Crisper drawer, which is perfect for maintaining the freshness of fresh produce such as meat and fish, along with a  Crisper+ drawer that ensures fruits and vegetables retain moisture. 

It also features an intuitive 21.5-inch touchscreen that allows families to stay connected and entertained. Besides having the Family Board feature for users to share notes, photos, and videos with their family members, they can also enjoy endless entertainment straight from the kitchen by mirroring their smartphone and TV with SmartView or via entertainment apps.

Consumers can get recommendations on family meals with the Meal Planner app, as well as manage their fridge inventory more effectively via the View Inside feature which lets users peek into what is in their fridge remotely via their smartphones. Additionally, the Smart Recipes app provides instant access to many delicious recipes with simple instructions. The fridge can also generate a shopping list for any missing ingredients that can be synced to users’ smartphones for easy access when they are out shopping. 

Jet Bot+ with Clean Station

The Jet Bot+ will bring about a smarter, more effortless, and efficient cleaning experience with the Clean Station offering an automated dust disposal solution, precise LiDAR sensor technology, and Wi-Fi Smart Control. 

For homeowners looking to make home maintenance quicker and easier, the Jet Bot+ with Clean Station brings a truly automated cleaning experience from start to finish as it is equipped with Clean Station that serves both as a charging dock and an automated dust disposal solution. Sit back, relax and let the Jet Bot automatically do all the cleaning and subsequent return to its own Clean Station to empty all dust and dirt into a 2.5L dust bag which lasts for up to 3 months. Additionally, Clean Station is fitted with a Multi-layered Filtration System that traps 99.999% of fine dust for better hygiene without dust escaping back into the air. 

The new Jet Bot comes equipped with a high-precision LiDAR Sensor, to clean your home more efficiently and thoroughly as it can accurately optimise its cleaning path by repeatedly scanning the room to gather distance information. With precise mapping, the Jet Bot easily navigates underneath or around furniture, tight corners, and even lowly-lit spaces for an efficient and thoroughly clean. It can also recognise individual rooms and automatically divide them into separate areas for cleaning.  

With the SmartThings app, users can stay in control and monitor their Jet Bot even when it is out of sight:  

  • The Jet Bot’s ability to recognise rooms and layouts allows users to choose and even remotely schedule it to clean selected rooms or areas to maximise efficiency and save time.
  • Users can mark out no-go zones on their home’s virtual map to stop the Jet Bot from entering specific rooms or areas. There is no need for physical barriers. 
  • Users can easily check on their Jet Bot’s current location or cleaning progress in real-time, allowing them to complete visibility and control to issue any new cleaning commands remotely. 

The Jet Bot comes well-equipped with tools that enable a fast and efficient cleaning process for all kinds of surfaces:  

The Jet Bot is fitted with a High-Efficiency Brush that is made of soft woven textiles and anti-static threads that can reach deep into crevices to effectively remove fine dust and dirt on any types of floor including carpets and hard floors. 

The built-in Self-Cleaning Grinder also helps to break down hairs and pet fur into smaller particles to prevent dreadful tangles around the brush.  

The Jet Bot is designed to be able to detect types of surfaces and the amount of dust on them, to provide the optimum suction power to ensure a deeper clean when required. And maintaining the Jet Bot is simple and more hygienic with its detachable and fully washable dustbin and filter.

The new Samsung 4-Door Flex Refrigerator Series and Samsung Jet Bot are available on the Samsung Online Store and major consumer electronics and IT stores in May 2021 and June 2021 respectively. For more information, please visit