Pack Your CabinZero bag and Travelmall Switzerland, Let's Go!

Hands up if you love a little bit of sunshine, fresh air, and flowers! Gardens By The Bay may be man-made, but it takes me to another world of nature. I heard about the new Floral Fantasy (which is sadly suspended till the end 4 May, but do check it out after), and I went to take a blissful stroll through the attraction before the Circuit Breaker regulations kicked in.

Getting Misty-Eyed at the Beauty of the Gardens

Vanessa with Travelmall Equipment at Gardens by the Bay

Before you get lost in the whimsical landscape, remember to first maintain proper hygiene! To no one’s surprise, at every entrance, you’ll have to fill up travel declarations, get your temperature checked, and sanitise your hands. While there are publicly available hand sanitisers, you should carry one of your own to sanitise on the go too, especially before you eat or touch your face. I found the Travelmall Switzerland Nano Mist Spray (mine’s in shiny white edition) to be suitable for water-based sanitisers. Though it only dispenses small amounts at a time, I found it great to clean surfaces like your handphone (which picks up plenty of germs from the bathroom). You might even want to use it to disinfect your cutleries!

Bonus points if you can guess how much this little bottle of mist weighs – It’s only 35g! It’s the perfect weight and size to slip into your pocket or bag. Swap out the sanitiser for a facial mist if you prefer, and its high-speed vibrations will deliver the mist evenly and deeply into your skin’s pores. The vibrations create nano-sized water particles for better absorption by the skin. No wonder it is an award-winning gadget!

Storing Outdoor Essentials in the CabinZero ADV Dry 11L

Vanessa with Travelmall Equipment at Gardens by the Bay

Walking through the lush tableau of flowers suspended from the ceiling and moving sinuously in mesmerising fashion takes my breath away. Sometimes I forget that I need to stay hydrated! Stocked in my CabinZero ADV Dry 11L bag is my water bottle, that I should be using more of. Coincidentally, the prints on the bag really matched the environment with its floral emblem. 

Other than by bottle, I also packed spare clothes, a portable charger, and more. Thankfully, they all fit in the ADV Dry bag. Walking through meandering streams and a bit of drizzle from the overhead fountain, I enjoyed my day out without any fear of my electronics getting wet because of CabinZero’s wide top access roll-top closure with a waterproof seal. 

I was enthralled by the beauty of the flowers and arrangements. For an outdoor stroll, we should always go prepared with a large enough bag to store all our things, and a petite bottle of sanitizer. Stay safe and stay sane to all the NXT readers!