Eliminate Bacteria and Germs with LG’s Truesteam Technology

While the home may seem like the safest place to be, germs and bacteria from a family’s commute, workplace, school and outdoor play can be brought into the indoor space. Making the effort to keep the home safe can be easy with the help of LG’s suite of appliances with its proprietary TrueSteam technology.

LG Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) Washing Machine

From S$1,399

Provide fresh and clean clothes for your family with the newly launched LG AI DD Washing Machine. Use the Allergy Care with Steam+ option to remove 99.9% of allergen, bacteria, and dust mites. The usage of optimal temperature helps to loosen the allergens and drain them out during the spin and rinse cycle. This helps to keep germs at bay to sanitize your clothes and mitigate allergy worries for users with sensitive skin. LG AI DD washers are also equipped with 2 stainless lifters help to alleviate bacteria contamination and increase durability while protecting clothes.

LG Styler with Mirror Finish


While keeping clothes and linens clean, it is also important to ensure that pillows, duvets, soft toys and many other hard-to-wash items are kept hygienic and germ-free. LG Styler is equipped with the TrueSteam function to reduce allergens and bacteria up to 99.9% on hard-to-wash fabric and items. Its deep-penetrating steam consists of 100% water, with no chemical additives, and a gentle Moving Hanger help to further reduce odours and wrinkles in clothing items. Users can also refresh their spaces at home by dehumidifying  the room with the LG Styler to keep the home environment less humid and bacteria-prone.

LG QuadWash Dishwasher

From S$2,299

The LG QuadWash Dishwasher helps to ensure all dishware and tableware are sparkling clean with a further emphasis on its LG TrueSteam technology which emits high-temperature steam to ensure hygienic cleaning, and anti-bacterial disinfection during its washing. The steam mist reaches and cleans the entire surface while pure water particles of steam improve drying significantly. Dishwashing is also a breeze thanks to its innovative QuadWash where it is equipped with four spray arms that sweep and rotate back and forth while spinning in both directions to clean from nearly every angle