Introducing the G-Shock Women’s Transparent x Rose Gold

Designed to be practically indestructible, the G-Shock name is synonymous with rough and tumble activities and its gritty outdoor manly aesthetic. However, the brand has also come up with many timepieces specifically designed for women, such as the new G-Shock Women’s Transparent x Rose Gold series.

A Rose By Any Other Name

These watches are built with appropriately sized watch faces and are great choices for women who prefer the sporty G-SHOCK styling.

G-Shock Transparent x Rose Gold

The new series of transparent styles with a pink-gold metallic faces, are a perfect accessory for everything from modern fashions, to street and casual styles.

Transparent styles were introduced and became very popular back in the ’90s, making them an essential part of G-SHOCK history. This new iteration, with three base models, the popular GA-110, GA-120, and DW-6900, is set to win over the hearts of women everywhere.