OtterBox Announces Full Lineup for New Apple iPhones

Apple continues to innovate its portfolio of smartphones with the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. OtterBox adds personal style and protection to any Apple device with a wide portfolio of case styles, colors and graphics.

New styles of phone cases by Otterbox for the new iPhone 11 series

Protection Suited for Anyone

  • The Symmetry Series protects against daily drops and bumps with a slim profile and trusted protection. Symmetry Series is rocking trendy new case graphics and day-to-night solids to match any mood or outfit. Show off your device with a clear case for sleek Apple iPhone protection.
  • The ultimate in protective cases, the Defender Series is made for everything from rough-and-tumble adventures to everyday life. Defender Series is available in new colors and graphics.
  • The Otter + Pop pairs OtterBox protection with a built-in PopGrip for maximum fun. Available in Symmetry Series and Defender Series, Otter + Pop comes in a variety of new colors with endless swappable PopTop options.
  • The Strada Series offers luxurious, leather-clad protection in a wallet style case. The folio design covers the screen to protect against scratches and can hold a credit card and ID.
  • The Commuter Series is made for life on the go. With a hard outer shell and inner silicone slipcover, Commuter Series offers protection against drops and bumps when at home, work, on the train or anywhere in between.
  • The Amplify screen protection keeps the brilliant display on Apple’s latest phones free from scratches and dings. Engineered by Corning, Amplify is five times more scratch resistant than the leading glass alternative to keep the screen crystal clear drop after drop.

Stylish and strong phone covers by Otterbox

Pricing and Availability

OtterBox cases for Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are available now on

Rugged and strong phone covers by Otterbox

Device Series SGD (RRP)
iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Defender $88.90
Commuter $48.90
Symmetry $64.90
Otter + Pop Symmetry $79.90
Otter + Pop Defender $104.90
Strada $79.90
Alpha Glass $56.90
Amplify $75.90
Amplify Edge2Edge $88.90
Amplify Glare Guard $104.90


Packaging for Otterbox phone case