Nokia 1 Upgrades To The Latest Android OS From Google.

When the iPhone and Android devices hit the smartphone market back in 2007, Nokia took a huge hit. A decade later, Nokia is finally ready to comeback with the launch of their first Android smartphone 5.5-inch Nokia 6. Fast forward two years, in June 2019, HMD Global has concluded its mission to get all its Nokia phones updated to Android 9 Pie with Nokia 1, the last of the Nokia smartphone portfolio, updated to Android 9 Pie (Go edition). Over the two years, HMD Global has been prompt in trying to improve Nokia phones; the numerous security updates as well as the speed that they upgrade handsets to the latest OS are testament to that.

Nokia 1 Deep Red

Do More For Less

With the Android 9 Pie (Go edition), the phones are now equipped with a new range of apps from Google, designed to run faster while consuming less data. Some examples of these apps would be the Google Go – a web search app, YouTube Go, and Google Assistant for Android (Go edition). The updated Google Assistant allows you to perform many tasks simply by using your voice – makes calls, set alarms, and more.

Nokia 1 Dark Blue

As Juho Sarvikas, the Chief Product Officer of HMD Global, said, “for too long consumers have had to accept older OS versions as the norm on entry level smartphones.” Now, with Nokia 1 being updated to Android 9 Pie (Go edition), the Nokia smartphone portfolio ensures that, even in the most affordable segment, fans can enjoy the newest software experiences and innovations from Google.

Available in two different colours, dark blue and warm red, the Nokia 1 starts from $85 on Lazada. This sleek and compact Nokia smartphone is made truly accessible for all.