Razer Partners with DotA 2 Team Alliance

Razer and Alliance announced a new strategic partnership. The long-term partnership will see Team Razer and Alliance collaborate across all disciplines in which their teams compete.

DotA 2 team Alliance

The Founding of Alliance

Alliance was originally founded in conjunction with Razer in April 2013, on the basis of promoting and supporting Scandinavian and European esports, enabling truly talented players in the region to shine on the international stage. Since then, Alliance has built a considerable global following and counts many notable players on its current and past rosters, such as AdmiralBulldog, the biggest Dota 2 streamer on Twitch, and Armada, widely regarded as one of the greatest Super Smash Bros’ players of all time.

Alliance team captain Loda in Razer gear

A Strategic Partnership

As part of the new two-year partnership, Alliance players will be using the latest Razer gaming peripherals, including a range of BlackWidow keyboards, DeathAdder Elite and Naga Trinity mice, and Kraken Tournament Edition headsets. Alliance rose to prominence in 2013 when their Dota 2 team, headed by Jonathan “Loda” Berg, won the inaugural The International tournament. Since then, the organization has become fully player-owned and continues to build on their Dota 2 legacy.

By working with Team Razer, Alliance will play an important role in the development and testing of new Razer products. Razer’s extensive player-inclusive research and development program gives Team Razer members access to early builds of new products, incorporating their feedback into the final products for all gamers to use.

Team Razer’s partnership with Alliance will build on the existing values of the organization, dedication, teamwork and community, to help all esports athletes attain new heights of success for themselves and Alliance, the first target being a repeat win at the next The International.