LG XBOOM Go PK7 Review: Mobile Disco

LG recently announced the availability of their new XBOOM Go line of portable Bluetooth party speakers in Singapore, which comprises of three different sizes of speakers, the PK3, PK5 and the PK7, which we’ve reviewed. These speakers benefit from LG’s technical collaboration with premium audio house Meridian Audio.

The PK7 is the biggest model in the new series, somewhat like a small boombox from the Eighties, and while it lacks the IPX7 waterproofness of the small PK3, it does have an IPX5 rating, which makes it splash resistant. The PK7 is actually quite large and weights in at 2.85kg, but that makes sense considering it has a huge battery, capable of up to 22 hours of playback between charges, and two side mounted dual passive radiators that you can see pulsing to the beat. The design of the speaker features an X-handle that not only protects the speakers from unintentional damage, but also give the device additional stability and handles for you to grab.

LG’s XBOOM GO PK7 Speakers

Turn on the PK7 and it immediately lights up with multicolour lighting in and around the woofers and a sparkle strip along the top and bottom of the grille. These lights pulse and change colour to the beat of the music, and actually aren’t super bright, so you don’t get dazzled if you’re using the PK7 in a dark room.

Syncing to a smartphone is pretty swift, and we were soon streaming the latest CHVRCHES album on Spotify. As the PK7 is aptX HD integrated if you have high-res audio tracks or a Tidal premium account you will enjoy music with better fidelity on the speakers. There’s also two buttons on the PK7 that activate ‘Clear Vocals’ and ‘Enhanced Bass’, both of which work as advertised, through the deeper tones of the enhanced bass makes you feel like you’re in a dance club. One of the results of Meridian Audio’s input into this speaker is that in normal mode treble and bass sound equal, while with only Clear Vocals active vocals become clearer and lifted over the instruments.

Additionally, the PK7 is compatible with Google Assistant or Siri and two speakers can be synced to provided stereo sound, while an Android Only app lets you take control of the lightshow.


Rating: 4/5



LG’s XBOOM GO PK7 is a pretty decent party performer with plenty of audio power, decent audio clarity and puts on a good light show. It is a bit heavy though, and the app is not available for iOS.