LG 32GK850G Gaming Monitor Review: Big Screen Gaming

For those of us used to using notebook screens for work, switching to an external monitor can be a revelation, especially when you go from a 13.3-inch notebook to a 31.5-inch flatscreen gaming monitor like the LG 32GK850G.

And it’s not the biggest screen in LG’s current monitor line-up, that goes to a curved 38-inch ultrawide screen. The 32GK850G is made to deliver to gamers a QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution big screen experience at a reasonable price, and has a high refresh rate of 144Hz (capable of overclocking to 165Hz) and NVIDIA G-Sync support, plus a decent response time of 5ms.

LG 32GK850G Gaming monitor

Setting up the 32GK850G takes a little time as its a pretty big screen that you have to mount onto a relatively skinny stand with V-shaped legs, though thankfully once you’ve attached the screen to the stand its stable and without wobble. The screen can be adjusted up or down, tilted 5 degrees forward or 15 degrees back and rotated into portrait mode. Under the logo are two controls, one to turn on the monitor, switch gaming modes and access settings, and the other is a click-wheel that lets you scroll through a number of LED presets – yes, as the 32GK850G is a gaming monitor there’s circular RGB lighting system that you can use to choose six colours and intensity, and even create an ambient light for use in a dark room.

We tried the 32GK850G with a gaming notebook that had a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 and running PUBG was very smooth. One thing we also noticed is that the screen is especially good with blacks and contrast, which makes it an excellent for watching videos.


Rating 4.5/5



LG’s 32GK850G gaming monitor is an excellent option for gamers seeking a big screen without 4K, and though it is a little costly, it does come with fast NVIDIA G-Sync support and LED sphere lighting.