Waze Announces Integration with Apple CarPlay

Waze, the app that helps you find the least congested route to your destination, announced its integration with Apple CarPlay to further its mission of decreasing traffic on the road and making driving safer and more convenient for everyone. As one of the first navigation apps on the CarPlay platform, the Waze integration will bring millions of CarPlay users the opportunity to seamlessly use Waze features directly from their in-car display.

The Waze CarPlay App in a Chevrolet Silverado

The Waze to Convenience

If you’re driving a car equipped with CarPlay, you’re now able download the Waze app and navigate to your favorite places seamlessly. Simply connect your iPhone to a CarPlay supported system using a USB cable or wireless connection (if available) and you can search destinations, select a preferred route, report traffic issues and more.

The Waze CarPlay App in a Chevrolet Silverado

With Waze for CarPlay, you can easily navigate to the full Waze experience, including:

  • Home and Work Favorites: Easily navigate in one tap to destinations pre-programmed into the Waze app.
  • Organizes everything you’ll need in one comprehensive viewing screen before you head out, including the ability to easily check alternate routes and adjust sound settings.
  • Reporting: It’s easier than ever to help others on the road with a visual reporting menu.
  • Alerts: Receive visual and audio alerts to stay informed and keep both hands on the wheel.

Waze is now available for Apple CarPlay users worldwide, including Singapore.