Geneva Touring/L Review: An Iconic Radio, Upsized

Inspiring. Iconic. Portable. This is what the Geneva Touring series offers to the modern consumer. With many sizes to choose from, the Touring/XS is a most portable model with 2 active drivers and bass radiator, and the Touring/S has an additional DAB+ and radio function without bass radiator. The Touring/M is a copy of the Touring/XS – just larger with retro handles – while the Touring/L is a larger copy of the Touring/S.

On review here is the largest Touring/L, which comes with a built-in battery that delivers 30 hours of battery life. The upper metal grille is actually a red LED display panel which shows the radio station name and operation information. The antenna extends out to a metre and can be tilted at any angle – exactly like an old radio antenna. Is radio passe? My family certainly does not think so. The joy of radio is that it is capable of delighting the listener with random songs interjected with dialogue from the entertaining radio hosts.

Geneva Touring/L

To keep things clean and simple, there are only 5 buttons and a huge volume knob. Just like the radios of the past, the Touring/L powers down by turning down the volume till it clicks. The buttons control mainly the radio frequency and preset channels, and to switch playback modes from radio to Bluetooth audio. For the old-timers who still believe in direct cable, a 3.5mm audio port is available to connect to other audio players through cable.

Geneva Touring/L

Speaking of audio, the Geneva Touring/L is a joy to listen to. The Touring/L makes radio sound so good, with crystal clear treble and a well-presented bass output that gives sufficient low presence in pop music. Through the Touring/L, music fills the room comfortably and does not sound pushy or heavy. The speaker is to be enjoyed as an personal music machine next to you, or played in the background with good company. But if you want, you can turn up the volume to the max, and the sound is still well balanced without sounding harsh, noisy, or distorted.


Rating: 4.5/5


The Touring/L is possibly the best sounding best looking portable radio speaker in the market. It gives the consumers new reasons to love radio once again. Supporting both analogue FM and digital audio broadcast signals, it reminds us of life’s simple pleasures of enjoying free-to-air music anywhere.