Samsung Rolls Out the Glamorous Galaxy Note9

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 was great, but the Galaxy Note9 takes it to the next level. It is now their most powerful smartphone yet. For the first-time ever, the Galaxy Note9 is accompanied with a new S Pen that gives you more control in your hands. With just a click, you can present slides at work, pause and play videos, and scribble spontaneously.

Keep All The Files

How nice would it be if we could store more picures, videos, and files, and delete less? Galaxy Note9 is now available with two internal storage options – 128GB or a mega 512GB. Ladies, if you take a lot of beauty videos and download plenty of photo editing apps, go straight for the 512GB phone! Gentlemen, PUBG is probably one of the countless of mobile games you have, and even if you regret getting a phone with smaller storage, be rest assured that you can insert a microSD card of up to 1TB.

Celebrity Kim Jong Kook plays a game of pictionary on the Samsung Galaxy Note9 with fans

Keeping Your Eyes Comfortable

The Galaxy Note9 boasts a High Brightness Mode that produces vibrant visuals when you need them, such as when you’re under strong sunlight or in environments with tons of ambient light. Just when we thought that the Galaxy Notes cannot get any better, the Galaxy Note9 sets a new record for a brightness measurement that was 27 percent brighter than last year’s Galaxy Note8. The device also featured a contrast rating for high ambient light that was 32 percent higher than that of its predecessor.

Actress Park Min Young taking a selfie with fans with a Samsung Galaxy Note9

Shoot Like a Pro

All eyes are on the smart camera, as it’s Flaw Detection function is something we all need in our lives but is the first of its kind. The first shot we take almost always doesn’t always come out right in terms of lighting and angles, but the Galaxy Note9 lets you know right away if there’s something wrong with your picture – Like a blurry image, the subject out of focus, or eyes that were blinking midway. Furthermore, you can freely take pictures in different lighting conditions with the advanced noise reduction technology and a Dual Aperture lens, which adjusts to light just like the human eye.

Kim Jong Kook taking a selfie with fans with a Samsung Galaxy Note9

A Fantastic Gala

To celebrate the launch of the Galaxy Note9 in Singapore, Samsung and Vi held the Samsung Galaxy Exclusive Launch Party last evening at Gardens by the Bay. The launch, attended by 800 fans, unveiled the latest Galaxy Note together with What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim lead actress Park Min Young and Running Man Sparta Kim Jong Kook. No surprise that one of the leading Korean brands brought Singaporean’s favourite Korean idols here for the launch!

Actress Park Min Young strikes a pose for the launch party


Pre-Order and registration of interest with Samsung Experience Stores, M1, Singtel, StarHub and major consumer electronics & IT stores for the Galaxy Note9 has commenced and will be available for public sales from 25 August 2018.

Available in Ocean Blue, Metallic Copper and Midnight Black, from S$1398.