Kakà takes on the LG Nano Cell Super Challenge

Heard of the LG Nano Cell Super Challenge that has reached 200 million views across social media platforms? In that video, Kakà exhibits his world-class football skills by shooting the ball at various areas on a video wall angled at 60 degrees. His aims are right on point on the LG Super UHD TV, but misses consistently on a conventional LCD TV.

LG Nano Cell Super Challenge

Head on to LG Singapore Facebook page to catch Kakà in action and find out how you can win a football jersey signed by the man himself.

Catch All The Action, From Any Angle

Last year, British football icons Steven Gerrard and Adam Lallana took on the same challenge, and it was obvious which TV gave them better accuracy. When Gerrard shot at the Nano Cell TV, he was scoring far higher points than Lallana with a conventional TV. Scores were completely reversed when they swapped sides. It’s very evident that when LG says that the LG Super UHD TV has accurate and rich colours from any angle, they are not lying.

Relate this to watching the World Cup with a bunch of friends crowded around the TV, but only the lucky one or two get the best seats directly in front of the TV. The unlucky few get assigned to cook supper and can only watch from the kitchen. Those watching from the sides will ultimately get a compromised viewing experience with deteriorated TV colour reproduction and contrast.


With the LG Super UHD TV, you can watch football matches from any couch you choose around the living room and still enjoy the same quality viewing experience your friends with the house seats have. This is attributed to the enhanced image rendering and accurate colours even when you’re watching from a 60-degree angle.

The way a TV is constructed to light up a screen also plays an integral role in image production, and LG gives us back-lighting instead of positioning lights at the edge of the TV panels. With better shadow details and reduced light bleeding, football matches have never looked so good before.