Get Your Shutter Bug Game On With The Canon EOS M50 And More

Canon EOS M50 in black nad white with camera models

Whether you’re new to photography or have extensive experience, Canon’s latest range of products has you covered. Beginners will find the Canon EOS 1500D a good entry-point into the photography game, while budding videographers and photography enthusiasts will enjoy the Canon EOS M50 and its features. And the Canon 470EX-AI is an excellent addition to any photographer’s arsenal, regardless of how advanced they are!

Canon EOS M50: Capture Your Favourite Memories In 4K

Canon EOS M50 in black and white

The Canon EOS M50 is Canon’s latest mirrorless camera. With a touch panel, multiple settings, and pristine image quality, the Canon EOS M50 promises an effortless shooting experience.

Some moments in life are once-in-a-lifetime, but if you’re recording it, you can relive it forever. And with the Canon EOS M50, you can relive it in 4K quality! Enhanced with 4k movie shooting function, the EOS M50 is able to produce footage four times the resolution of full HD. The 4K Frame Grab function allows for high resolution images to be extracted from footage taken. This ensures remarkable still photo performance, so your memories are preserved perfectly.

Canon EOS M50 shooting modes

It’s even got a dedicated time-lapse movie setting, one that’s easy and intuitive to use. Simply pick your desired shoot interval from the scene selection, and you’re ready to shoot your effortless, ready-to-post masterpiece! You don’t even have to worry about shaky hands ruining your shot, as the EOS M50 has a built-in 5-axis stabilisation feature.

For all its video capabilities,  the Canon EOS M50 is still a camera at its heart. It’s powered by the new DIGIC 8 image processor, and a 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor. This means crystal clear images, even in dim lighting. And with the use of the built-in Electronic Viewfinder, you’ll be able to see just what you’re shooting, represented with high accuracy.

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Another feature of the Canon EOS M50 is its silent mode, which mutes the shutter sound. Need to do some wildlife photography? Or maybe you’re at a wedding and don’t want to spoil the moment with a shutter click? The Canon EOS M50 has got your back.

Canon EOS 1500D: Perfect For Curious Beginners

Canon EOS 1500D

The Canon EOS 1500D is an entry-level camera, designed for a seamless transition from smartphone to DSLR photography. Do you have an eye for composition and lighting? Have people always said you should go professional? Maybe you’ve thought about it, but never really wanted to take that step. Well, with the Canon EOS 1500D, now’s as good a time as any.

User-intuitivity is the name of the game here, with features like an Optical Viewfinder, 6 useful modes, and 5 creative filters.

The Optical Viewfinder helps you quickly focus and frame your subjects with little to no delay in image processing, just like with your smartphone. The 6 scene modes and 5 filters are similar to those on phones, and lets you experiment till you find something you’re comfortable with.

On top of that, the Canon EOS 1500D also has with full HD movie shooting support, and Wi-Fi to upload your shots and films when you’re done. Time to step up your Instagram game!

Canon 470EX-AI: The World’s First Flash Equipped With An AI

Canon 470EX-AI

The Canon 470EX-AI is the latest addition to Canon’s speedlite lineup. It also holds the moniker of being the world’s first AI-equipped flash bulb! It’s designed to meet the needs of a whole range of photography enthusiasts, from professionals to those just dipping their toes into the flash game.

The 470EX-AI’s smart AI bounce technology automatically controls the way light is distributed to eliminate shadows. This means a soft and natural lighting, especially in portrait photography. With a motor, an acceleration detection sensor, and a distance measurement sensor, the 470EX-AI comes in two modes: full auto or semi-auto. The former is great for beginners, while more advanced users can try their hand at the latter.