The Vivo Apex Redefines The Smartphone Experience

Vivo Apex both front and back view

Just earlier last week, Vivo unveiled its new concept smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2018. Say hello to the Vivo Apex, a smartphone unlike any you’ve ever seen before. With the Vivo Apex, Vivo pushes the boundaries of mobile experience. It takes its FullView technology to a whole new level by introducing engineering breakthroughs in camera, speaker, and sensor elements. The end result? A phone that’s a breakthrough in and of itself.

All Screen And No Bezel Makes A Very Pretty Apex

Right off the bat, the first thing you’ll notice about the Vivo Apex is the bezel. Or rather, the near-complete lack of it.

Vivo Apex front view in portrait mode

The Vivo Apex features top and side bezels of 1.8mm and a 4.3mm bottom bezel, making it the thinnest in the industry by far. This unprecedented slimness gives it a screen-to-body ratio of well over 98%, giving it a truly bezel-less feel. Thanks to the flexible OLED platform, microchips mounted directly to the flexible circuit board enables this staggering screen width.

Full-Body Sound Experience

Vivo Apex front view in landscape mode

With such a narrow bezel, you might wonder where the speakers and front-facing camera are. For the former, the brand leverages its accumulated expertise in audio technology to introduce the Screen SoundCasting Technology. This technology turns the entire FullView display into a speaker. That’s right, your entire screen becomes a speaker!

The Screen SoundCasting Technology sends vibrations through the entire display, and eliminates the need for a traditional loudspeaker. Compared to other audio solutions for bezel-less smartphones, it conserves power and reduces sound leakage.

The Only Kind Of Pop-Up You Need

Vivo Apex front camera pop-up

As for the front-facing camera, you’re in for a treat. The Vivo Apex features an 8MP Elevating Front Camera. Which is basically a fancy way to say that the front camera pops up!

The camera seamlessly rises in 0.8 seconds when required, and retracts after use. Together with the hidden proximity sensor and ambient light sensor, this offers the same selfie experience to users as other smartphones. And it does so without needing a wide top-bezel!

Fingerprint Scanning On A Whole New Level

Vivo Apex unlock

Following the success of In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology at CES 2018, Vivo has installed the world’s first Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology in the Apex.

That’s right. The entire bottom half of the OLED screen can scan your fingerprint! You can touch anywhere on the bottom half of the screen to unlock your phone. You don’t even need both fingerprints to be from the same person, apparently. So parents can potentially give their children smartphones that need parental supervision to be unlocked!

Vivo has promised more information about this groundbreaking concept smartphone soon, so stay tuned to find out more.