The Beoplay E8 All White And Beoplay E8 All Black Are A Synergy In Contrast

In October last year, B&O Play launched the Beoplay E8, the brand’s first truly wireless earphones. This month, the Beoplay E8 family gets some new additions, with the Beoplay E8 All White and Beoplay E8 All Black. These monochrome beauties build on the success of Beoplay E8, the fastest selling products within the B&O Play range.

Yin-Yang Minimalism

Beoplay E8 All White And Beoplay E8 All Black in black and white display

The Beoplay E8 All White and All Black draw on the monochrome philosophy of black and white. They represent the synergy of contrast, and the way seemingly opposite forces are interconnected in their duality. The minimalist and timeless nature of these two colours has made monochrome aesthetics more than a trend. It’s made it a lifestyle, one embodied by fashion, art, design, and photography aficionados.

The minimalism of the design of these earphones takes the quality of the Beoplay E8 to a whole new level. It’s one thing to experience good sound quality, but another thing altogether to make it a whole aesthetic experience as well.

True Wireless Feel With A Real Sound Experience

Beoplay E8 All White in showcase

We’ve written about the Beoplay E8 before, both when it first came out and in a review of it. For a quick refresher though, here’s what you need to know.

Splash and dust resistant, Beoplay E8 is designed for an effortless listening experience on the move. It comes with an audio-transparency feature called Transparency Mode, which lets you tune into your surroundings to the degree that you want. From listening to music and switching between tracks, to taking calls and activating Transparency Mode and voice commands, everything is controlled by the intuitive touch interface on the earphones. You won’t even have to take your smartphone out of your pocket!

Black magnetic case for Beoplay E8

As for battery life, the Beoplay E8 delivers up to four hours of music on one charge, and two additional charges on the move, with its pocket-friendly leather charging case. It has small magnets built into each earphone. Clicking them into the charging case will automatically power them down to charge, so they’re ready for the next time you need them.

And when it comes to sound quality, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The Beoplay E8 headphones come tuned by acclaimed Bang & Olufsen sound engineers for a rich, full-bodied and precise soundstage. The end result is a best in class sound profile that prevents listening fatigue. And if you’re the sort to personalise your listening experience, you can do so easily with the Beoplay App.

The Beoplay App lets you adjust the tonality and sound staging, control the music, and work to find the perfect sound profile for you. All within an intuitive app to boot!

The Beoplay E8 Special Edition Collection

Closeup of earbud for Beoplay E8 All White

Beoplay E8 All White and Beoplay E8 All Black are part of a wider collection of Beoplay E8 colour variants. More colours will be launching in the immediate future, each one with its own unique concept.

For now though, the Beoplay E8 All White and Beoplay E8 All Black will only be available in limited quantities. They currently retail at SGD$429, and come included with the following:

  • Premium leather charging case
  • 5 ear tips
  • Charging cable.

Both colours will be available at the Beoplay online store, selected Bang & Olufsen stores, and selected retailers. For Singapore specifically, they will be available starting March 1 at Bang & Olufsen stores at Grand Hyatt and Takashimaya, as well as at TANGS at Tangs Plaza.

You can place your pre orders now at the Tangs store, or at the Bang & Olufsen store at Grand Hyatt.