Casio TR-M11 Review: Compact Selfie

We knew it was different, but nothing quite prepared us for the reveal. When we first looked at the new Casio TR-M11, we thought we were looking at a cutesy compact and wondered: Has Casio diversified into the make-up industry now?

Casio TR-M11

That’s right. The design of the TR-M11 is so revolutionary, it really does not look like a camera. Our respect for Casio went up many notches, for having the dare to embark on such a game-changing camera design.

Open up the TR-M11, and there is no doubt that this clamshell camera is designed with selfie lovers in mind, and in a splash of eye-popping colours too. The 10.5-megapixel camera sensor is quite decent and is paired with a single focus, 21mm wide angle lens. The LCD display is small in comparison with other cameras, but it is a perfect fit with the camera’s form factor. As if the folks at Casio could foretell the future, they also designed the camera to take square photos, so selfie lovers can immediately post their photos on social media, without cropping them.  

These features aside, what also took us by surprise is how the TR-M11 embraces the concept of taking selfies. Beyond just aesthetics, Casio has conceptualised the TR-M11 as a miniature beauty studio, incorporating eight LED lights in a ring surrounding the lens to ensure that the face receives uniform illumination. Photographic conditions are ever-changing, so being able to control the intensity of the LED illumination on the TR-M11 is helpful. Also, say goodbye to unsightly shadows on the lower half of your face as the TR-M11 has an additional LED below the LCD screen, just like what they do with reflectors in studios.

The TR-M11’s customisable make-up functions basically beautify the subject’s complexion, skin tone, remove dark eye circles and so on, which is not that different from other selfie cameras, mobiles or apps out there. Still, it is quite impressive for a gadget this small to have such extensive customisation. However, the small 2.5-inch LCD is small makes making precise edits rather difficult.


Rating 4/5

The S$699 price tag is quite steep for a camera designed for one sole purpose – to take selfies. But we’d still give the TR-M11 the thumbs up for its daring, innovative design as well as its single-mindedness in taking the best selfie possible with an easy-to-carry device. The price though is another story entirely.