Get Festive With The PlayStation Network Year of the Dog Promotion

To celebrate the coming Lunar New Year, Sony is launching a PlayStation Network Year of the Dog promotion! Usher in the new year with some new games, or maybe even a PS Plus membership. What better way to spend your public holiday, right?

Up To 70% Discounts On Selected Titles

PlayStation Network Year of the Dog Promotion menu image

The PS Store Lunar New Year Sale will be launched from the 8th to 21st of February, 2018. During the campaign period, you can enjoy up to 70% discounts on more than 150 selected PS4 titles! Selected titles include best sellers such as:

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (70% off)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition (30% off)
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins  (30% off)

PS Plus members get to enjoy an extra 10% discount on some of these titles, so you can theoretically get up to 80% discounts!

Girl holding sign with discount code for PlayStation Network Year of the Dog Promotion

And on top of all of that, from 8th to 14th Feb, you can get an extra 15% discount on any games purchased! Simply enter the discount code “QHPHQQ7TKA”.

For more details on the offer, please visit the PS Store.

PS Plus Membership: Get 3 Months Free!

Girl holding sign for PS Plus 12 + 3 month promotion

You can also get 3 months of PS Plus membership as a bonus when you buy 12-months of membership. The PS Plus 12-Month Membership + 3-Month bonus offer is exclusively on the PS Store from 8th to 21st of February.

Become a PS Plus member to enjoy online multiplayer and all sorts of privileges! For example, free games, exclusive discounts, and priority access to special events. And for an even more specific example, you can get PS Plus membership now to get the additional 10% discount on the Lunar New Year sales.

PS Plus Monthly Free Games Include 2 Masterpieces

In case you need an extra reason to get PS Plus membership if you don’t already have it, this month’s games include Evolve and Mighty No. 9.

Evolve, Might No. 9, and Toro & Puppies dynamic theme icons

Evolve is a first person shooting game in which you play as either hunters or monsters. Hunt, or be hunted, either way, it’s up to you to dominate!

Mighty No. 9 is a PS4 and PS3 dual platform action title written by Keiji Inafune, the same mind behind many of the Mega Man series. In it, you play as Beck, the 9th in a line of powerful robots, who has to save the planet from a mysterious virus.

Get these two masterpieces from the 8th of February to 7th of March with a PS Plus membership!

In addition to that, you can get a PlayStation Plus Toro & Puppies PS4 dynamic theme for free from 14th February to 7th March!

PS Plus 2018 LMighunar New Year Contest

From 16th to 19th of February, PlayStation Asia’s official facebook page will be launching a PS Plus 2018 Lunar New Year Campaign. Campaign posts will be posted at 1pm daily. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the post to win a prize! There are over 230 prizes to win, if you’re a PS Plus member. Don’t miss this chance!