Emilia: A 360 View of Things On Your Phone

EmiliaIs there a point in attaching a 360 camera to a phone? It does if you can use it like a regular camera phone – and that’s one of the luxuries a system like Moto Mods offers with the Moto Mod 360. Emilia gives it a go and gives us her take…

“I think it’s really sleek and it’s really convenient to use because you just need one hand as the screen is attached to the camera. So it’s much easier to handle if you’re travelling or if you are at a concert. It connects very quickly when you attach it so the experience is quite seamless. I was worried about the module dropping out at first but so far the magnet seems secure. It’s really easy to take pictures as well with the button at the back. The phone is fairly large and can be awkward to stretch my thumb to reach the onscreen shutter button. The image quality is not too shabby and I like that you don’t need a separate app just to operate the camera. I’m not really a fan of having to be married to one phone (Moto Z family) but I really think this is an innovative one.” – @stubbybutton



Moto Mod 360


Moto Mod 360