Experience Listening Freedom Like Never Before With The Bragi Dash Pro

Bragi, once the largest Kickstarter in European history and the company behind The World’s First Hearable, is launching the next phase of true wireless devices in Singapore for the first time. The latest addition, the Bragi Dash Pro, is a polished, reloaded, re-engineered sequel to the Dash. They’re not just headphones, hearables, or even true wireless devices, but powerful ear computers.

No Compromise On Audio Quality

Man using Bragi Dash Pro while skateboarding

The Dash Pro offers best-in-class, professional grade Bluetooth connection quality, and amazing audio without interruption. It is easily set up with a one-touch system that connects Android, Apple, or Windows devices in a matter of seconds. The Dash Pro carries up to five hours of battery life on a single charge and five charges, making it last up to 30 hours on the go.

Bragi Dash Pro product image

It also features Knowles technology, for truly excellent audio quality. Knowles Balanced Armature Speakers deliver premium sound in an ultra-small package, for enhanced comfort and listening pleasure. The critically acclaimed Knowles Versant advanced voice technology has a two-fold importance.Its audio transparency feature allows desired sounds to pass through, or cancels out what you don’t want to hear. It also helps deliver hands-free communication and voice commands, reducing the need for you to look at a second device.

Woman using Bragi Dash Pro

There is also an advanced audio codec, which reduces the amount of white noise you hear. The Dash Pro also comes with new foam tips, for a stronger bass, and a better seal. It also comes included with Bragi FitSleeves.

Bring It With You Wherever You Go

Athletes using Bragi Dash Pro as they exercise

With a built-in 4GB memory, you can load in your favourite music, leave your phone at home, and go swim 10 laps with your Dash Pro! After all, it comes with IPX7 certified waterproofing, up to 1m.

In addition to a whole slew of hardware, the Bragi OS on the Dash Pro keeps it relevant with regular OS updates. Bragi OS is the upgradeable Operating System owned by Bragi, and comes preinstalled on the Dash Pro. It includes a whole range of features to make your life with the Bragi Dash Pro a lot easier.

Bragi Dash Pro in waterproof case

For example, with Auto Tracking, the Dash Pro can tell if you’re running, cycling, or swimming. This lets you keep track of your workouts automatically, without even having to push a button! This convenience continues with the virtual 4D menu and simplified Touch Interface. The virtual 4D menu is a unique, hands-free, head-gestures and audio only based way of interacting with the Dash Pro. It gives you the option of accessing core features in situations where your hands might not be free.

Compatibility With The Future

Two men using Bragi Dash Pro and iTranslate to have a conversation

The Dash Pro comes integrated with iTranslate. This brings real-time face-to-face language translation in 40 different languages, right to your earbuds. All you have to do to access this feature is download the iTranslate Pro App in the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store. Users of the Dash Pro get a free one-month trial!

In addition to that, the Dash Pro is also Amazon Alexa-compatible, making it one of the first integrations of Alexa in the “truly wireless” headphone space. This brings a whole new world of possibility through Alexa’s smart home, shopping, home entertainment, and mobile uses. It’s also one of the first truly mobile hardware integrations for Amazon’s cloud-based voice service.