Get Your Spidey Senses Tingling With The RJ x Spider-Man Collection

Romain Jerome is no stranger to pop culture mash-ups. From Hello Kitty to Pokemon to Tetris, the raw imaginative energy of the brand has seen collaborations with the whole spectrum of modern pop culture. The RJ x Spider-Man collection is their latest. As you might guess from its name, it’s dedicated to none other than the web-slinging superhero.

Telling Time With Your Favourite Spider Superhero

Marvel's Spiderman

It’s hard to deny the sheer magnetic appeal of Peter Parker’s story. If the multiple movie adaptations and reboots weren’t enough to prove it, now he’s got his own special watch collection! This is the latest in Romain Jerome’s collection of “Generational Icons” collaborations. It’s particularly fitting that Peter Parker, who many of us grew up with, is the generational icon this time.

RJ x Spider-Man detail on front view

This 75-piece limited edition series is presented in RJ’s elegant Skylab case. It follows the rule of a classic round-shaped case, with 4 lugs. The all black 48mm case comes with 4 paws, characteristic of the brand. It also reveals a skeleton movement, offering endless transparency so you can watch the movement inside if you like.

The intricacy of the model is also evident in the different perspectives on the dial, and its intertwining elements. For example, the central spider-shaped applique, the classic symbol of the iconic character, ties in with the web design on the sapphire crystal of the case’s back.

RJ x Spider-Man detail on back of case

Between the delicate webbing and the intricate layers of gears, the back of the watch case looks like something you can easily fall into.

The watch itself is made from black PVD-coated steel. This gives it a solid, reassuring weight. From the case, to the bezel, to the paws, lugs, and crown, the PVD-coated steel gives the watch its heft.

The strap is made of black rubber, with a folding clasp of PVD-coated steel to match the rest of the watch.

For more information on the watch, check out the official Romain Jerome page for it.