The CES Award Winning LG HU80K Series Delivers A Stunning Home Cinema Experience

With the rise of Netflix, Hulu, and Blu-Ray DVDs, now’s a better time than ever to invest in your own home cinema experience. And what better way to do that than in ultra HD? Just in time too, as LG announces the LG HU80K series, its first 4K UHD projector. This recipient of CES’ Best of Innovation award delivers a premium home cinema experience in a compact, beautiful design.

Compact But With No Sacrifice To Quality

LG HU80K projecting onto wall from floor

Traditionally, projectors that support 4K images tend to be heavy, expensive, and cumbersome to install in the home. With the LG HU80K series though, you get the traditional image quality in a device that’s half the size, and easier on your wallet to boot!

With its portability, it also means you can recreate the movie experience in any room of your house at any time. Sure, it’s always best to have a dedicated home theatre room, but when you just want to watch your favourite movies in your bedroom, portability becomes king.

LG’s 4K UHD projector can create a 150-inch screen at an amazing 2,500 lumens. This makes it LG’s brightest projector to date. What’s more, the projector also supports HDR content (HDR 10) for an eye-popping cinematic experience right in your home.

Perfect For Every Room

LG HU80K projecting from various positions

The projector’s portable size and unique design is only made possible by the mirrorless I-shaped engine. It allows the projector to show perfect images, whether it’s placed on the floor, mounted on the wall, or hanging from the ceiling. With a convenient carrying handle and Auto Cord feature making things convenient, you might not even want to mount it anywhere!

Two powerful yet clear 7W speakers help to really cement that true cinematic experience. They also reduce the need for external speakers or a soundbar, making the projector truly portable.

The projector also has a webOS 3.5 smart TV interface, which can access the most popular online streaming services that offer 4K content. Standard connectivity options include ports for USD, Ethernet, and HDMI, as well as wireless support for external devices like keyboards and mice.

You can experience LG’s entire 2018 projector lineup up close in LG’s booth at CES.