New Audio House at Bendemeer is a Cashless Shopping Haven

Don’t you hate it when you’re shopping for household appliances, and annoying salespeople come up to you to “assist” you? If you do, you need to shop at the newly opened Audio House on Bendemeer Road.

Audio House Bendemeer

The Cashless Experience

Each of the items on sale at Audio House Bendemeer has a QR code which you can scan to learn more, and add it to your shopping cart if you so desire. You can complete the transaction fully on your phone, and just pick up the item from a collection counter in the store! No more bugging annoyed-looking staff who just don’t want to serve you, or having to queue for an eternity at the slow-moving cashier. I love it.

This move is an effort by Audio House to improve staff efficiency. Instead of having staff do menial tasks like collecting money or writing invoices for you, they get to instead answer any queries that the customer has. The best part is they will never disturb you unless you approach them first. Product stock is also more accurately counted, which you can easily check from your phone instead of having some poor guy run to the store to check if there are any pieces left.

Overall, I wish more shops would adopt this innovative model as it makes shopping so much more bearable.

Audio House Bendemeer

Best Price Guaranteed

No I’m not being the salesperson for Audio House here. Objectively, Audio House does guarantee the best price. They’ll match any price you find outside, and give you a 20% discount to boot. It comes in the form of a cashback model where you get $20 back for every $100 spent, so it’s not exactly 20%, but it’s close.

The best part is, if you sign-up for an account between 11 and 20 November, you get a $100 voucher which you can redeem in $20 chunks for every $100 spent.

Free money is always good.