Get The Ultimate Sound And TV Experience With Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 50 And BeoVision Eclipse

Bang & Olufsen are no newcomers to the acoustics game. With the distinctive, sleek look of their products, and amazing quality sound work behind the elegant exteriors, it’s a brand that’s come to embody class and performance. The BeoVision Eclipse and BeoLab 50, launched at an event not long ago, both fully embody these principles.

The BeoVision Eclipse Merges The Best Of Two Worlds

BeoVision Eclipse on wall

Bang & Olufsen partnered with LG Electronics to produce the BeoVision Eclipse. This partnership brings together the acoustics and aesthetic expertise of Bang & Olufsen and the electronics expertise of LG’s OLED TV technology. The result? Incredibly lifelike imagery with perfect blacks, infinite contrast, and an expanded colour gamut, all in one beautiful package.

The BeoVision Eclipse is named for the spectacular effect that happens when two objects meet: the sun and the moon. In this case, it not only applies to the collaboration of LG and Bang & Olufsen, but also to how the Eclipse is both a television and music system.

BeoVision Eclipse standing on floor

The TV’s integrated and powerful 3-channel SoundCentre offers both stereo performance and centre channel. It also integrates internet radio and music streaming services, making it a music system in its own right. It lets you access streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Chromecast, and more.

If you opt to use additional speakers via the integrated surround sound decoder, the centre channel performance of the TV matches any of the Bang & Olufsen high-end BeoLab loudspeakers, including the brand new BeoLab 50. This lets you have a truly immersive cinematic experience in your own home.

BeoVision Eclipse angled away from wall

A TV For Your Wall, Or Floor

What’s unusual about the BeoVision Eclipse is that it can be a floor-standing TV as well as placed on the wall. The motorized floor stand lets you adjust the TV soundlessly and seamlessly for the perfect angle.

For those who like to add a personal touch, you can also choose to have the speaker front customised in either aluminium or coloured fabrics. Make it the stand-out piece in your living room, or have it blend seamlessly in: it’s up to you.

The BeoVision Eclipse will be available in two sizes, 55” and 65”. It will be available in Bang & OIufsen Grand Hyatt and Takashimaya showrooms at the following recommended prices.

  • BeoVision Eclipse 55” (incl. wall bracket, fabric speaker cover, and BeoRemote One): SGD$15,950
  • BeoVision Eclipse 65” (incl. wall bracket, fabric speaker cover, and BeoRemote One): SGD$22,450

The BeoLab 50 Is A Powerful Balance Of Performance And Design

BeoLab 50 in living room

The BeoLab 50 comes in the footsteps of its predecessor, the prestigious and innovative BeoLab 90. With a sophisticated sound and beautiful design, the BeoLab 50 is a loudspeaker with a performance to behold.

It’s impossible not to notice the sleek, gently rounded silhouette of the BeoLab 50. Silver-polished aluminium surfaces makes a cool contrast to the warm oak wood lamellas. The overall effect is elegant and incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

BeoLab 50 benefits from the experience that Bang & Olufsen had while creating the BeoLab 90. One of the more impressive features is how the BeoLab 50 uses an external microphone to measure its physical acoustic surroundings, and takes that data to apply the ideal compensation filters to produce optimum sound.

BeoLab 50 angled view

It also features the unique Acoustic Lens Technology, a Bang & Olufsen signature technology that handles disperses sound for both social and personal situations. Are you holding a party and you want to make sure everyone can hear your sweet party playlist? Switch it to a 180-degree sound mode! Are you just winding down on your own at the end of the day with some of your favourite music? Just change it to a narrow mode so you can really luxuriate in the acoustic vibes.

It’s also designed to work seamlessly with BeoVision TVs, including the BeoVision Eclipse. Just in case you wanted to make your movie nights perfect.

BeoLab 50 is a high-end active loudspeaker with 2100 watts of precision power is currently available at Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt and Takashimaya showrooms. Its recommended retail price is SGD$45,000.