Add A Touch Of Sartorial Sinn To Your Wardrobe With The Sinn Spezialuhren Munichtime 2017 Novelties

These four watches from Sinn Spezialugren Munichtime 2017 novelties collection are unique, elegant, and perfect to add to your collection. Whether it’s the sleek Frankfurt Worldtime Watch 6096, or the masculine 556 I watches, there’s one for every occasion.

The Frankfurt World Time Watch 6096 – Triple The Timezone Fun

Sinn Spezialuhren Frankfurt World Time Watch 6096 on grey background

The Frankfurt World Time Watch 6096 is part of Sinn’s range of Frankfurt Financial District series of watches. And with good reason. One of its most striking features are the three time zones on the watch, in both a 12- and 24-hour basis. That’s not all though.

Its stainless steel case is smooth and polished, sleek and pleasing to the eye. The black electroplated dial on the watch face has a deep, silky matt shine that lets the rhodium-plated appliques stand out. These appliques aren’t just pretty though. They’re also luminous, making it easy to read the Frankfurt World Time Watch 6096 even in the dark.

Sinn Spezialuhren Frankfurt World Time Watch 6096 front view

And to top it all off, the Frankfurt World Time Watch 6096 has a diameter of 41.5mm and a height of just 10.1mm. This makes it perfect to complement any sleek, modern suit.

The Hunting Watch 3006 – Get In Touch With Your Wild Side

Sinn Spezialuhren Hunting Watch 3006 front view

Huntsmanship is the central driving theme behind the Hunting Watch 3006 – as you might have guessed from the name. The Hunting Watch 3006 is a robust, accurate instrument for time management, making it perfect for hunting, whether in the forests, or in the business world.

For example, Ar-Dehumidifying technology ensures that the watch won’t ever fog up on you. The satinised surface of the stainless-steel case has also been hardened using Tegiment technology, making it especially scratch-resistant.. The watch is also pressure-resistant to 20 bar and resistant to low pressure.

The Hunting Watch 3006 also comes with a moonlight display, so you can tell the moon’s phase with just a glance. The hour indicators, minute and hour hands, and the moonlight display are all also luminous, making it easy for you to check the time even in the dark.

Whether you want to hunt game in the forest, or just have a touch of the wild on your wrist while you hunt corporate game, the Hunting Watch 3006 is perfect.

556 I B / 556 I Mother-Of-Pearl S – Striking Minimalism And Masculinity

Sinn’s 556 series of watches are characterised by striking lines, minimalistic displays, and clear readability. Fine satinised stainless-steel cases with crystal and transparent backs made of sapphire glass. Sophisticated dials with diamond-cut rhodium-plated hands and appliques. These are the features that make these sporty watches so distinctive and elegant.

sinn spezialuhren 556 I B

The 556 I B comes with a dark-blue electroplated dial. The effect is subtly elegant, and it’s only enhanced by the sunburst effect.

Sinn Spezialuhren 556 I Mother-Of-Pearl S

On the other hand, the 556 I Mother-Of-Pearl S has a shimmering black mother-of-pearl dial. Mother-of-pearl is a natural product, unique in every iteration. This means that every watch’s face will be subtly different from each others!

To learn more about these watches and about the brand, visit any The Hour Glass salon, or check out the official website.