The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 is One Tough Customer

Do you like to go trekking, rock-climbing, or just plain travelling in countrysides? Do you serve National Service? Are you just plain clumsy? You’re probably going to need a tougher phone than the one you’re holding in your hands now. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 is Samsung’s answer to a smartphone that can withstand harsh conditions.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4

Pretty Damn Tough

The Galaxy Xcover 4 is built to stand up to harsh environments. Equipped with with IP681 and MIL-STD 810G certification, it can take a beating and still keep going. It’s also water and dust-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about splashes or sandy conditions destroying your precious phone. Its easy-to-grip, non-slip finish ensures that it won’t slip out of your hands when you’re running around or climbing Mount Everest.

Software wise, the Galaxy Xcover 4 is also one tough customer. With defence-grade security from Samsung Knox built in, the Xcover 4 fights against real-time security threats around the clock, keeping the data stored on your phone protected from unauthorised access.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4

Perfect for Adventurous People

One of the biggest problems smartphones have when used with outdoor activities is that their touchscreens can’t be used when you have gloves on. We all know how important gloves are when you’re climbing, riding, or adventuring outdoors. Samsung knows this too, so the Galaxy Xcover 4 features a 5-inch HD screen with touch sensitivity, allowing you to operate the device even with gloves on.

Also, even though the phone is tough, power sources are close to impossible to find in the great outdoors. No worries – the Galaxy Xcover 4 comes with a replaceable battery so you can just pop the cover open and put in a new one. The battery life itself is also pretty long, so you probably won’t have to keep doing this.