Travelling Soon? Equip Yourself With New Swag From BOIA

BOIA has always been a great source of travelling bags and equipment, especially for tech-savvy people and photographers. They’ve just brought in some swanky new items that will help you travel in comfort and style. Check out some of the new swag from BOIA.

CabinZero New special edition Flags Classic 44L ($99)

CabinZero New special edition Flags Classic 44L

CabinZero specialises in lightweight and durable bags that are perfect for carrying lots of stuff with you on board a plane. They are sized just right for cabin compartments. The new special edition Flags Classic comes with a 44L capacity, so you’ll never run out of space. The thick padded shoulder straps make this bag a pleasure to carry around, even for long walks. The most shiok part is that the bag comes with a 10 years warranty which can be upgraded to 25 years(!) just by liking their Facebook page.

Matador Daylite Hip Pack ($65)

Matador Daylite Hip Pack

Waist pouches are no longer just a thing for aunties and uncles to carry around. Matador has made them hip again, with its new Daylite Hip Pack. They’re perfect for bringing to hipster events, which are becoming increasingly common in Singapore. Seriously, just look at how nice it looks on the model in the picture.

Travelmall Inflatable Neck Pillow ($39)

Travelmall Inflatable Neck Pillow

Think that travel pillows are awesome, but blowing to inflate them uhm… blows? Travelmall has introduced a neck pillow that comes with a pump so you don’t have to look all red-faced and puffy. Ergonomically it’s also a pleasure to lean on, as it conforms to the shape of your neck.  It’s also shaped in a way that prevents your head from drooping off to one side, so you won’t be a nuisance to fellow passengers.

TIC Shower Bottle ($55)

TIC Shower Bottle

How do you pack your shower bottles? If you’re like me, you’ll probably pack them in a ziplock or shower bag and have them all leaky and mushy upon arrival. Solve that problem with TIC-Design’s Shower Bottle. It comes with 3 sections that are easy to remove and easy to clean. It’ll protect your shower bottles and prevent leakage, as well as giving you a convenient way to bring them to the bathroom or swimming pool with you.